Top 2020 Technology Trends in Education

The 21st century has many aspects of technology that are celebrated. Among the renowned and defining trends are found in education. As technology advances, new features are developed to argument the learning and teaching processes that impact education as a whole.  Therefore, this article provides necessary information on what to pay attention to in 2020 and beyond. It is because the emerging technology trends have a lot to offer in the education sector. Technologies like wellness tech, AI, and video-based learning informs a lot about education.

Technology is a driving factor in all areas, such as marketing, business, and education. Currently, online learning is on the rise, and all is attributed to technology. The appreciation is that the latest trends have redefined the education industry. The use of technological processes and resources has improved performance among students. Learners access information more quickly, and learning materials can be shared among scholars over a wide area quickly. However, there is more to that that benefits both teachers and learners at large.

Major Trends That Are Set to Impart Education in 2020

Over the last decade, we have encountered some technological trends that have impacted education positively. In 2020, there are also new developments that are transforming the interaction between teachers and students. Mind Moose is a mobile app that is increasing students’ and teacher wellness. Burnout and anxiety among students is not a new occurrence. However, removing the stigma associated with it and providing a technology-based solution is new. With Mind Moose, primary pupils learn about mental health, self-esteem, awareness, problem-solving, and resilience.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI will continuously be used to personalize education in 2020. For instance, AI is being used to provide customized STEM teaching to university and high school learners. The software is helping teachers to identify areas of weakness among students by analyzing answers and time taken to finish a lesson. Besides, adaptive learning platforms use AI algorithms to aid schools in collecting data and boosting learner’s engagements. Scholars are introduced to new problems, and their performance predicted based on the present learning designs.

Video-Based Learning

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Generation Z prefers YouTube as the most reliable educational medium. Apart from an essay helper, you can support from BrainPop and Teacher Tube. With such mediums, students can access different instructional materials on diverse subjects. Instructors can also use them to present new or augment existing data. Video-based learning has proved to be excellent on background information that needs a lot of time to acquire by reading textbooks. Besides, when learners lack motivation in completing an assignment, they can switch to video to do it effectively.


Adopting gamification is one of the most significant trends in education. It makes the learning process more fun and appealing. Incorporating gaming elements and videos in the learning process makes students concentrate more. Therefore, scholars learn more effectively and perform better.

With these trends, it is evident that students will have excellent experience in education. Open space is one of the trends that are making learning convenient for college students. The tool is helping learners to access different course materials, hand in assignments, receive feedback, and confirm grades. With such tools, it means that learners will attain better education delivered effectively.

Collaborative Technology

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Collaborative technology tools are increasingly used to support online learning through chatbots and apps that promote student engagement. Learners can access familiar tools like skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google Allo for personalized learning. They increase social learning and save instructors time for online assessment. Google apps are used in classes to enhance collaborative learning. 

Besides, it is possible to create learning management systems that increase the interaction between students. Instructors can only be used to moderate discussions online and to provide and receive feedback.

Therefore, current technology has refined teaching and learning models, thus creating a positive approach towards excellent learner engagement. The endless student collaboration leads to culture amalgamation for improved social learning. Other aspects, such as cloud tech, open-source learning, and biometrics, make education even better.

STEAM is among the newest technologies, which is an integrated method of learning; it helps to instill critical reasoning among the users using arts, science, and mathematics. It is an improved approach over STEM. So, advancement in technology makes education much better. 

There is more to celebrate, such as a 5G network that makes massive data transfer and online learning more sophisticated. Because technology is continuously evolving, keep in touch for new technology trends that will make learning superior and more accessible.