Lucky Patcher APK: Free Ad Blocker and App Management Tool for Android

Lucky Patcher APK Official

Not many ad blockers are worth the money you spend on them, but what if you had an ad blocker that’s totally free and maintained by expert developers who offer you their product absolutely free? Worth a second look, right? Today, we’re showcasing a fantastic app called Lucky Patcher, stylized as LuckyPatcher.

What is Lucky Patcher?

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It’s not only a free ad blocker but also an excellent app management system that goes beyond your stock Android apps. It also a useful backup utility that allows you to export data to your microSD card and send it to a PC for safekeeping.

What are Lucky Patcher’s Key Features?

Lucky Patcher is a unique Android ad blocking application that, for obvious reasons (it blocks Google Ads, too!), is not available in the Google Play Store. Chief among those reasons is the fact that Lucky Patcher will remove annoying in-app ads that ruin the entire app experience. If you’ve ever been irritated with those intrusive ads that give you a crappy gaming experience, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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The second function of Lucky Patcher is app management. The tool allows you to freely move apps to and from your memory card, and the special feature here is that you can take a downloaded app, simply copy it into the system folder, and make it a system app! That means you’re actually converting a third-party app into a native Android application, just like a stock app that comes with your device. It makes your app a permanent part of your device.

The third key feature is the ability to take a backup of your device data and send it to your memory card, from where it can be transferred to your PC or Mac.

There are also patching features to bypass in-app purchases, options to change app permissions, create custom patches, and even mod Lucky Patcher itself.

So, if you can’t get Lucky Patcher on the Play Store, then how do you put it on your phone or tablet in the first place?

Lucky Patcher APK Explained

Third-party apps are always excluded from the official play store, whether that’s for Android or iOS. Although it is promoted as a security feature, the truth is that it’s a revenue stream for companies like Apple and Google. If they control the apps, they control the money.

But the argument for third-party apps is strong:

  • They give users what they want – tailor-made for them and often requested by them.
  • They often have far greater functionality than app store apps.

You may have come across the acronym APK, which is essentially an Android application package used to install apps from outside the Play Store. Think of it as being similar to bypassing Apple’s App Store and sideloading an iOS app on your iPhone or iPad.

That brings us to the next question.

How Do I Install the Lucky Patcher APK on My Android Device?

Installing an app from an APK file is no harder than tapping Install in the Play Store. It just works a little differently, that’s all. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1: On your Android device, go to the Lucky Patcher APK download link provided at the top of this article.

Step 2: At this point, you can either tap on one of the download links provided on that page or get it through the AC Market App. More about the AC Market App here.

Step 3: When the Lucky Patcher APK is downloaded to your device, tap on it to proceed with the installation. Click Yes if you see a Play Protect warning – as long as you got your APK from the link we’ve provided, you’re safe.

Step 4: Grant whatever permissions are required by the app, just as with any Play Store app installation, and wait for the Lucky Patcher icon to appear on your home page. You’re good to go!

How to Use Lucky Patcher

Remove Google Ads

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  • Open Lucky Patcher on your Android device after installation
  • Tap the app from which you want Google Ads removed.
  • Select “Remove Google Ads” from the options you see.
  • Open the app and test it out; the ads should be gone.

If the ads still appear, you can go to Ad Activities in Lucky Patcher and disable it. To get the ads back, just hit Restore or Remove ODEX with Changes. Either option will remove ad blocking.

In-app Purchases

This is something you should do at your own risk because of the moral implications as well as legal ones. You might be taking revenue away from the developers, and we don’t support that. Nevertheless, here’s how to deal with in-app purchases:

  • Inside Lucky Patcher you’ll see a Toolbox icon. Tap it.
  • Now choose Patch to Android and the appropriate patch under that.
  • Your phone or tablet will restart. Don’t do anything at this point.
  • When the device is up and running again, the Lucky Patcher app will still be running. Leave it be and open the app with the in-app purchase and tap the purchase option.
  • You’ll get a notification asking you if you want to get the addon free of cost. Tapping Yes will download and apply the upgrade.

Important Things to Know

First of all, you should know that an APK installation of this kind requires no rooting, but it does extend the functionality of Lucky Patcher if you install it on a rooted device.

Secondly, blocking ads does have an impact on the publishing community. Websites and apps that are ad-supported might not be free if not for the advertisers. For that reason, we recommend only turning ad blocking on in a particular app if the ads are overly intrusive and impair the smooth functioning of that app.

Finally, installing any app from outside the Play Store poses significant malware risks. Therefore, we recommend that you only install the Lucky Patcher APK from a trusted source, such as the web page we have linked you to. This APK has been fully tested and clean of any malware. Similarly, also make sure you’re getting the latest updates and security patches from the same source.

Now you know more about Lucky Patcher and how to download and install the Lucky Patcher APK, go ahead and take it for a spin to enjoy its powerful capabilities.