A Review Of Hydrow – Are The Live Workouts Worth The Price?

Hydrow workout rowing machine

One of its kind in the fitness industry, Hydrow offers you an experience of a lifetime. You get to work out with your instructors from the water. They will be training you live. Therefore, how does Hydrow work, is it worth the price, and what are the benefits?

You can find the answers to these questions here in this review as you read on.

What Is Hydrow?

Hydrow is a fitness machine that offers you an outdoor experience never had before. The trainers take you through your training session as they row in one river or the other. The live rower workouts instructed by the trainers depend on the level of your ability.

You can follow the training on the Hydrow machine screen. You can also get subscription services on your smartphone from the company’s app. The machine has a separate price from the subscription services.

How Does Hydrow Work?

The rowing machine comes to an attached screen from which the training lessons are broadcast live. The trainer takes you through the experience as they row, and this can be a live or a pre-recorded lesson. The training aims to make you feel like you are rowing in water even though you are indoors.

You will need to have a secure network connection to watch the trainers row as they instruct you. After using the Hydrow, you need to have a device separately sold to hold the machine vertically to help create space in the room.

Anyone can use the machine, but kids from 13 years and below should not use it. There are no limitations on a user’s size or weight as it allows a weight of 375 pounds. As you exercise, the screen will be recording distance covered, heart rate, and the calories you have burned.

You also get to see your ranking compared to other users working out at the same time interval as you and those in the past. You can opt to subscribe to the company’s app to keep up with the training when you are on the move.

Is Hydrow Worth The Price?

From the company’s website, Hydrow goes for $2,199. You can get the app subscription services for an extra cost of $39 per month. So, is the machine worth all that?

Compared to activities like running, rowing does not burn more calories. It, however, involves more muscles and does not waste away the joints. Instead of staying home doing nothing, then rowing is an excellent alternative.

If you do not like the idea of hitting the gym, Hydrow will give you a reason to exercise at home. The machine is still new in the market, and it is pricey. Hence, it is not yet conclusive that it is suitable for weight loss. Individuals differ; it may work for you and not for the other person; you only need to try to prove it.

The Hydrow machine has the following pros and cons:


·                     It provides your body with a complete workout

·                     Training from the best instructors

·                     Low-impact exercises

·                     Enlarges muscles

·                     Great for home exercises

·                     30-day free trial without risks

·                     Easy to assemble


·                     The price is on the higher side

·                     You will need an additional kit for the machine to stay vertically during storage

·                     You cannot pause the videos