Ultimate Tips to Set Up a Home Office

man working from home with a child on his lap

More than 7% of the US population already works from home; and now, due to the great lockdown, a lot more people are working from the safety of their homes. There are many benefits of a WFM model, as you can set your own hours, save time, and reduce the cost of renting or owning an office. But, when working from home, you need to set up a home office in a way that you really get an environment where you can work efficiently.

For example, you might want to think about designating a specific part of your home to reflect a metaphoric differentiation of your professional and personal life. It’s very important to have a home office where you can work with a positive mindset. Here, we are going to give you some basic but very important tips to set up your home office.

Know What Essential Things You Need

The first thing to set up a home office is to know what essential things you will need at hand. This all depends on the kind of work you do. A graphic designer, for instance, may need a big table set up to place two computer systems, while a consultant may need a space for a cabinet or a separate space for RingCentral MVP video conferencing or even a room for physical meetings. A writer would need a small table, lamp, laptop stand for bed, and a neat setup for their computer.

Also, you may need to consider your employer’s requirements so you can meet all of them. A chair with ergonomic support & adjustable feature and a fast Wi-Fi connection are must in every work-at-home setup.

Find the Right Place

You have to find the spot in your home where you can have some privacy and little disturbance from the other members of the house. Again, it comes to the work you do. If you have to meet clients then set the office up near the entrance. If you work alone and use the phone, then find the spot in the corner that doesn’t occupy much space.

Remember to find a place where you get enough light. So, a corner near the window would be perfect. Light increases productivity and will reduce eye strain. Also, make sure that the place is suitable for every season.

Use a Separate Phone and Set A Designated Place for Your Gadgets

Just like the office phone, when you set up a home office, it’s a good idea to use a dedicated mobile phone for your work. This way, you’ll be able to keep your personal calls separate from your professional calls. The same voicemail for clients and personal use can be a bad idea, too.

It is an unsaid fact that keeping a mobile phone while working at your desk may reduce your productivity. You don’t want to waste your time on those funny things shared in your buddy groups. So, it would be professional to designate a particular place to keep your personal phone – preferably, away from your main workspace and in silent mode. You can check in every now and then but don’t make it random; set specific times that coincide with your breaks.

Have a Proper Schedule

The main benefit of working from your home is to have the flexibility of setting your working hours, but you need to be disciplined about it. Fix specific periods as your working hours. The idea is to make it a comfortable version of the office, but not too comfortable.

When fixing your work hours, you also need to set some sleep hours. Sparing some time for exercise will also increase your productivity. So, having a proper schedule with some self-discipline would be the right mix.

Final Words…

So, these are some of the basic but very important tips to follow when you want to set up a home office. If there’s a ‘most important’ tip, that would be to keep your professional life separate from your personal one. Mixing both might mess both of them up.