Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checkers (with Percentage) for Your Artificial Intelligence Thesis 2020

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A dissertation, more commonly known as a thesis, is a research paper that needs to be submitted for a professional qualification. A thesis is a pretty popular name among university students since it is required to obtain your academic degree. It is a very comprehensive research paper, which means that the writer has to use multiple sources to prepare it. However, although the sources can be used to introduce new data, support an assumption or cite relevant information, it doesn’t mean you can simply copy-paste someone else’s work, as this would result in something called plagiarism.

Different types of plagiarism may arise in your work. It can sometimes be unintentional, though there are other types of plagiarism as well, such as patchwork plagiarism, intentional plagiarism, or paraphrasing plagiarism.

Most institutions have very strict rules for plagiarism. There is an allowed percentage which must not be exceeded. The similarity percentage is another thing that needs to be kept as low as possible. 

For the purpose, you will need to do a plagiarism check for your work. There are several websites offering a plagiarism checker with a percentage tool completely free of cost. 

Below are the Top 5 Plagiarism checker tools for a thesis that produce efficient results along with a similarity report and are also accessible without any cost.


The Prepostseo is an extremely useful website for authors. It provides writers with up to 95 different tools. All of these tools can be used for composing research papers or any academic writing. 

Prepostseo makes plagiarism-checking easily accessible and efficient. It is one of the best plagiarism checkers with percentages and is used successfully by numerous students and writers worldwide. There is no word limit for the tool, which means, no matter how long the dissertation might be, the tool will take care of it in no time.

Some of the most noticeable features that the Prepostseo Plagiarism checker tool provides are as follows:- 

Convenient and Versatile  

The Prepostseo Plagiarism check tool is easily accessible online without any cost. You just have to visit their website to use it. 

There are two ways to upload the text into the tool to check for plagiarism. The first way is to simply copy and paste it into it. 

The other way is to upload a complete file onto the Plagiarism checker tool. You can upload a file in one of the 4 formats that the tool recognizes. These are: txt, pdf, doc, and docx.  There is no word limit and there is also a choice to exclude a particular URL if you don’t want the tool to access it while running the plagiarism check.

Certified Content Security

The Prepostseo website certifies that the content that is uploaded to it is neither saved nor used anywhere else. Most writers obviously worry about this because they don’t want their hard work used without their consent. 

Produced reports

The Prepostseo tool generates a similarity percentage along with spotting plagiarism in your work. The plagiarized area is highlighted to make it easier to spot and change it. 

You can also download the report if required. 


PLAGTRACKER is an extremely reliable tool for checking plagiarism. The tool makes it easy to upload a file. You can also simply copy your content that needs to be checked for plagiarism and paste it into the dialogue box of the tool for searching.

The report is generated within a minute. There is a similarity percentage that shows how much your work matches that of another. The tool has a very unique algorithm and searches for plagiarism from a very wide database.

It has one of the most extensive databases that consist of several research papers, making PLAGTRACKER an extremely reliable tool for checking plagiarism. 

Its features include:- 

Extensive database 

The Plagiarism check is made through different sources. PLAGTRACKER has a very unique algorithm that allows it to search through several research papers and sources in its database. 

Easy-to-spot plagiarized areas

The report produced highlights the copied areas. It also shows where it is copied from. This means you can easily spot and change the content.


Using the PLAGTRACKER tool for plagiarism is completely safe and your content isn’t used anywhere else. 


The Plagiarism checker tool provided by Writix is extremely fast and efficient. It has a very distinctive algorithm. The wide database that it searches for produces accurate results – and within minutes – along with a similarity percentage. 

The process of searching for plagiarism through Writix is a bit different from others. The first thing that needs to be added is the title of your paper. You can insert the text by directly copying and pasting it in the tool or you can upload a file. It also lets you choose the assignment style and checks for plagiarism accordingly. 

Some of its most significant features include:- 

Modified for diverse essay forms

The tool is developed to ensure that your work remains plagiarism-free. Since the form of essay can vary, the tool is developed to recognize them all.

Comprehensive assessment

The tool runs a very comprehensive scan of your content. It produces a report in which all the plagiarized areas are highlighted, and sources are provided so the user can easily alter the text.

Access to certain databases

The plagiarism checker has access to several sources that are not public. This produces a very efficient similarity report. 

Paperell Plagiarism checker

The Paperell Plagiarism checker provides an excellent tool for plagiarism checks. The main benefit of using the tool is that it is extremely easy to use. It will present you with accurate and efficient results in only a couple of minutes.

The Paperell Plagiarism checker is ideal for university students. It is because the tool has no word limit, and you can upload a file or paste it directly into the dialogue box of the tool and search for accurate results. The tool provides very detailed results, ensuring that your content remains as genuine as possible.

Its features include:- 

Thorough report

The report produced along with the similarity percentage is accurate and very thorough. The plagiarized area is highlighted so you can edit it and change it accordingly. 

Easy to access and use

The Tool is available online and can be easily accessed.

It is also extremely easy to use as all you have to do is copy the required text and paste it into the tool for scanning.

Report is Downloadable 

The report generated after scanning can be downloaded in case you need it.


The Study Moose plagiarism checker possesses an extraordinary level of precision, offering the writer a thorough exclusivity percentage. This helps the writer deal with some of the most common and extensive causes of the problem that plagiarism represents.

The StudyMoose plagiarism checker tool is extremely adaptable. It allows the writer to either post the text directly into the tool or upload it. The file can be uploaded in different formats like txt, docx, and pdf.

You will also have to insert the title of your search paper since the Plagiarism checker’s algorithm is developed to automatically search in the specified direction.

Its most significant features include:- 

Reliable and without a word limit

This plagiarism checker scans through several websites and sources, thereby presenting a very reliable report.  

It also does not have a word limit, which means, regardless of the size of your file, you can successfully use the tool.

Safe and Dependable 

The content uploaded on the tool is never saved. It is also not used anywhere apart from the purpose intended.

Detailed Analysis and report

The tool runs thousands of scans across different sources and makes a very detailed analysis of your content. The report consists of a similarity percentage as well. This helps you modify your content wherever necessary.