Things To Do During a Lockdown or Quarantine


Around the world, many governments are either implementing or considering further stay-at-home protocols and lockdown actions as COVID-19 cases keep growing at an alarming rate. So, what are we supposed to do to keep ourselves occupied? Well, you can always start a new hobby like cooking or baking, or maybe try your hand at online gaming. You can even join one of the numerous online learning courses that have cropped up in the past several months since the lockdowns first began. Here are some fresh ideas to keep busy during a lockdown. Of course, if you are now on work from home (WFH) mode and it’s new to you, you probably don’t have all that free time you were hoping you would, right?

How about trying something new and exciting? While it can be exhilarating to start baking mouth-watering delicacies or participate in a little poker or sports betting to satisfy the urge to win, there are also other pursuits you can consider. Here are some ideas:

Get Healthier with Online Yoga

In these stressful times, yoga can be a blessing for stay-at-homers. It not only helps get your body and mind into shape, but it’s something you can do with your entire family and create a great environment for bonding with each other.

Cook Cuisines from Different Cultures

In the last three months, I’ve gone British (Shepherd’s Pie), American (Doughnuts and Meatloaf), Italian (100% handmade Pizza), Tibetan (Momos), and Russian (Beef Stroganoff), and my family is absolutely loving it! Why not try cooking up something from a different land? All you need is the right ingredients and a little bit of kitchen time. Believe me, it’s well worth it.

Get Better at a Hobby

Fancy yourself to be good at something? Well, now’s your chance to get much, much better. With all that time on your hands and nowhere to go (literally), you can hone your craft and maybe even get good enough to win tournaments or professional matches in the future.

Get Off Social Media

I know, I know. It’s hard to turn off Instagram or Facebook, especially when you’re bored stiff and have little else to do. However, giving up social media for a while is better for your mood and your self-esteem (did you know the Kardashians often use a photographer to take those perfectly angled “selfies”?) It’s also better for your sleep cycle because it cuts a lot of blue light at night, when we usually cuddle up with our smartphones and tablets.

Adopt a Stray Puppy or Kitten

Depending on whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you can consider adopting a stray animal from the shelter. You can also hunt for those ‘looking for a good home’ ads on social media sites based on your location. Having an animal to care for at home not only elevates your mood but keeps you engaged and active.

Take a Virtual Holiday

If you have a Virtual Reality (VR) headset, you can take a trip to Rome, Paris, or anywhere in the world from the comfort of your couch. Google Earth, for example, gives you real-life 3D renderings of your surroundings, so bring along a friend and take a virtual tour of famous cities and places of interest.

Write that Book

What about that book idea you’ve been meaning to get to for the past ten years? Now is the perfect time to start such a project. There are several self-publishing options that you can take advantage of nowadays. If it’s good enough, you can consider sending a manuscript to a publisher for consideration. Do you know that J. K. Rowling’s manuscript was rejected by no less than 12 publishers before it was picked up for a paltry advance of £1,500? The author of the Harry Potter series and other books is now worth over a billion dollars. You might not be the next J. K. Rowling but you’ll have the satisfaction of setting a goal and accomplishing it, which is more than a lot of people do in their entire lifetimes.

Go to the Opera

“Huh? How do I go to the Opera when everything is shut down,” you ask. True, but do you know that the Metropolitan Opera now conducts live streams on a nightly basis? Their website tells you what’s playing when. You can make it even more real by getting fancied up for the Opera and pretending it’s a real night out on the town.

If you open your mind, there are literally thousands of things you can do right from home. All you need is a little motivation and a generous helping of ‘get-up-and-do-it-ness’ and you’re all set to deal with one of most socially impactful pandemics in recent history.

Stay safe!