The Biggest Bingo Prizes Ever Won

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The UK has over 3 million people playing bingo regularly and the law of averages means that large jackpot wins are inevitable. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn that there have been some big winners in the bingo stakes. There are many different sized cash pots in bingo and where you play is important. Most prizes at bingo halls are small and consist of a pot made by the number of people entering each bingo game. However, when you move online and in particular play linked games run by major bingo brands, then the prizes become much larger. Bingo is no stranger to progressive jackpots at Bingo Mummy either, and these can – and have – led to life-changing bingo wins. 

John Orchard The Biggest Winner Of Them All

One of the biggest ever bingo winners is former factory worker John Orchard. One day, he played just 30p at an online bingo site and became the world’s biggest ever online winner of all time. Orchard won £5.9 million and splashed his cash on some dream buys. These included holiday bookings and a Jaguar XF luxury car. Orchard also treated his friends and family and brought a new house in Lincolnshire where he lives in retirement with his wife.

Georgios M The Mystery Winner

The second biggest ever jackpot win was landed by online bingo player Georgios M in 2009. This winner remains a bit of a mystery as he was publicity-shy and preferred to take the money and run. What is known about this Greek businessman is that he was only 36 years old when he won £5.1 million and with a huge win like that, many would want to hide away from the public eye too.

Lisa Potter Joins The Millionaire’s Club

Lisa Potter managed to bag herself £1.3 million from a £5 bingo bet. Even though this is nowhere near as much as the two proud winners who sit on top of the winning tree, aged 33 at the time, Lisa was still shocked at her life-changing win. Since her good fortune, Lisa has purchased a new car, gone on luxury holidays, and is the proud owner of a new house.

Soraya Lowell The Winner Without A Happy Ending

During the winter of 2008, Lowell from South Lanarkshire went from cleaning houses to a millionaire thanks to a bingo jackpot win of £1.2 million. At just 38, she decided to split her fortune with her bingo partner and neighbour Agnes O’Neil. Unfortunately, O’Neil died from illness just a few weeks after she received the generous gift and Lowell got divorced soon after this. In 2012 Lowell filed for bankruptcy but she still remains the UK’s biggest ever in-house bingo winner.

Christine Bradfield

A month before Lowell won her jackpot, Christine Bradfield held the record for the biggest in-house bingo winner the UK had seen thanks to a £1.1 million jackpot win. Bradford had been visiting The Castle Club in Wales – like she had done for over a decade – when she hit the jackpot.