Tips to Buy the Best Windows 10 Headphones

Headphones have various important and practical uses. For transcribers, they are essential for listening to audio and are key to how well you transcribe. If your office is in a shared space and you often receive audio files, headphones are a must-have for your convenience and that of others in that space. You may also need headphones to listen to some music as you work, when running, traveling, or just taking a walk. Considering all these, it would be irritating to get headphones that keep having issues. There have been a few complaints from some users of some headphones not working on Windows 10, as well as other Windows versions too. If you are one of them, here are some great tips on how to get the best Windows 10 headphones.

Manner of Use

You need to determine what you want to use your headphones for before buying. If you need those that you can jog with, then you should go for overhead headphones that will stay in place when you run. If you just need them to receive calls in the office, then there are those suited for exactly that purpose. Just keep in mind what you want even before you get down to comparing features.

Dedicated Bluetooth

If you take a lot of calls, consider going for Bluetooth dedicated headphones. You choose to go for either mono-aural for one ear or stereo for two. With a dedicated Bluetooth, you do not need to keep on connecting and reconnecting; they just connect automatically once you receive a call. Ensure that they also feature noise-canceling circuitry to block all the unnecessary sounds and a boom microphone that ensures only your voice is heard on the other side.

Wireless or Wired

Headsets can be either wired or wireless. Wired headsets cost a bit less, but are restrictive since you must be close to your output to use them. Wireless headphones are a bit more expensive than the latter, but come with all the convenience when you need to move around.

Closed/Open Headphones

Headphones are either used closed or in an open capacity. The difference is in the outer casing. Closed headphones are completely covered and engulf your ear, while the open ones have perforations. The closed device directs all the sound into your ear and blocks any other external sound. It also does not allow any sound from getting out. The open headphones on the other hand have vents and holes, with the sound drivers exposed to the outside world. It creates the feeling of stereo sound since it lets sound to the external world. Depending on how you like your sound, consider if you want to go for closed or open headphones.

Manufacturer or Brand

There are so many brands out there all competing for the same market. That market is you. Some are original makes, while others are counterfeit. If you are not careful, you can easily fall victim to counterfeit brands. Consider going for the known and established brands, if you are not buying from a referral. Make sure you buy from authorized dealers to get the original product. You will have avoided issues to do with compatibility and malfunctioning devices.