Latest Update by Google TV


Google TV, the new smart TV interface that has launched in the latest Google Chromecast, seems to be getting a small but important tweak in its “Keep Watch” line. In addition, the Reddit user / Alfatango97 has seen a new line-of-line encryption option, designed to allow viewers to quickly go back to unfinished TV shows or movies.

Not to be confused with the release of the same name in 2010, Google TV is a platform built for smart TVs, set-top boxes, and streaming dongles. It uses native programs and also supports the Google Cast standard.

Google TV is not to be confused with Chromecast that has been on the market for years. Instead, it is an Android-based platform built on top of the foundation laid by Android TV. That means it comes loaded with thousands of apps and other very useful features, as well as being an excellent platform that allows you to integrate Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

“Keep watching” is the easiest way to get back to what you were watching before. Movies and TV shows in various apps are shown here on our featured image.  Google recently shared how more than 100 apps support the Watch Next API, which led to about 30% growth in re-engagement audiences worldwide.

The new Hide Feature

Google TV is launching a new “Hide” action line for continuous long-awaited viewing on a card with a center button on your remote. This was previously introduced as “Open,” and this feature has not yet been released in detail. It is not yet live on the devices that were tested by other sites.

The Continue View line is an easy way to pick up where the view was interrupted. But, sometimes, it can be full of content that you started watching and you have no intention of completing or content that has been completed but its credits are so long that they keep appearing on your TV screen.

It is the latest example of Google’s effort to merge two TV interfaces which are Android TV and Google TV. Meanwhile, Android TV has received a series of updates that have made it look and act more like Google TV. The merger seems inevitable because Google TV is set to replace Android TV in the next two years.

This feature is yet to be released. Android TV already has this feature – as a pop-up – but it hasn’t been available on Google TV yet.

Change in your TV watching Experience

This feature will make the TV watching experience more personalized and we can see this change in the recent future.

Also, Google has adjusted the screen for “Improve your recommendations”, without tagging a movie or TV series with “More like this.” The online history section has also been cleared of all previous content that was seen as “Favorite” in the earlier version of the platform.