iPhone 13 To Introduce a New Feature From Apple Watch

In his weekly newsletter, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who often conveys an accurate understanding of Apple’s plans, said the iPhone 13 may have an Apple Watch-inspired always-on mode.

Always-On Mode Feature

The Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 6 have displays that can stay on with low refresh rates and brightness, allowing the user to see their watch even in low light. The same functionality on the iPhone 13 can allow users to see details such as time, date, and notifications at all times.

The always-on iPhone display will be simplified with a larger iPhone 13 battery and an improved display. Previous rumors have suggested that the iPhone 13 will be getting bigger batteries, which could eliminate some of the extra power consumption of the always-on display.

What’s in It for Gamers?

Some iPhone 13 models are also widely expected to incorporate “ProMotion” power updates up to 120Hz, making movements in games appear smooth. This is believed to be facilitated by the use of the OLED LTPO display panel, which can vary in degree of refreshment while using a limited amount of power in order to save battery life.

Pros & Cons of iPhone 13

The device is expected to get heavier and thicker to support advanced displays and larger batteries. But since they will have the always-on feature, users might feel that it can be justified. The always-on display feature could be limited to advanced Pro models that are expected to get the LTPO display technology with ProMotion performance.

Earlier this year, leaker Mark Weinbach said the iPhone 13 will feature an always-on display, although it is important to note that Weinbach does not have a certified record. He said the always-on mode will look like a “toned down lock screen,” where the clock and battery are always visible, and notifications are displayed “with bars and symbols.”

The “Look” Factor

The iPhone 13 is also expected to offer several other enhancements, including an improved performance with the “A15” chip and enhanced camera capabilities, but the design of the iPhone 13 models is expected to be quite similar to the iPhone 12 models.