Amazon Perks to Help You Save Big Bucks


Amazon has become your one-stop-shop for all your shopping needs. But the cherry on the cake is that Amazon Prime Members get two-day and even same-day delivery and dozens of additional services at the click of a mouse! Some, like Amazon Prime Video and Music, and others get lost on Amazon’s mega-site. Scroll down to discover and learn more about the finest of the bunch, so you don’t have to spend time and search for it.

During the pandemic, Amazon promoted innovative products, including Amazon Sidewalk, an auto-on broadband-sharing scheme for Amazon Echo speakers and Ring devices. But its retail offerings remain the highlight. Let’s browse Amazon’s services to discover the most helpful (and unexpected) ones you can use right now.

Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading Are Free

A Prime Membership includes a personal lending library. You may access Prime Reading using the Kindle app on your computer, mobile device, or Kindle e-reader. This Amazon service also allows family members to exchange titles. In some instances, you may listen to an Audible Narrative while reading. Prime Reading also offers First Reads, which allows subscribers to read novels before the general public.

Kindle Unlimited is a separate $10/month membership from Amazon Prime. Enjoy unlimited access to over one million ebooks and three magazine subscriptions on any Kindle device.

Trade Your Old Gadgets for Gift Cards and Browse for Deals

Amazon is on the sustainability train, and you can profit from it. Amazon Trade-In allows you to return old gadgets for Amazon gift cards. Check each product’s eligibility — specific trade-in alternatives are only available for a short period.

Amazon Renewed allows you to purchase items that have been opened but not used by their original owners. The Amazon Renewed Guarantee ensures that these pre-owned products function and look new. Products and brands like Apple and Vitamix are accessible.

Discover Amazon Warehouse Deals

Amazon Warehouse resells millions of returned goods in like-new condition. Some items were returned unused by original buyers. Therefore, they are offered at a discount. These items come with Amazon’s 30-day return policy and 90-day renewal item return policy.

Search for Overstocked Products on Amazon Outlet

There are overstocked goods and other things at Amazon Outlet akin to a physical brick-and-mortar outlet. Like an outlet, you’ll discover luxury brands, stuff under $10, and anything from books to pet supplies. Unlike other products in the Amazon Warehouse, it’s a terrific location to save money and be the first owner. Remember that although Internet shopping is easy, finding the most incredible bargains may be time-consuming. But you can find incredible offers without budging an inch from your sofa.

Take Advantage of Limited-Time Deals

Amazon’s Lightning Deals are sales that last just a few minutes or until a product sells out. Look for them on Prime Day and in Today’s Deals.

Unclaimed bargains will be given to other customers if the campaign runs out. You may join a waitlist for a bargain, but many deals are time-sensitive, so act quickly. Due to their short-lived nature and restricted availability, these offers aren’t always the best way to discover anything particular.

Amazon Photos for Photos and Videos

Prime members get 5 GB of video storage and unlimited picture storage on Amazon’s online photo and video shoebox. You may utilize this function manually or automatically in the Amazon Photos App. With the software, you can customize the displays on Amazon devices like Fire TV, Echo Show, and Fire tablets. You may also make personalized cards and prints from your photos.

The Family Vault bonus allows up to five family members to share a plan. There are premium options available if you want more than Prime. If you want to upgrade, you may do so at any time for $2 per month for 100GB or $7 per month for 1TB.

Use Amazon Household To Share Prime Advantages

To share Prime and digital content, utilize Amazon Household. Share your Prime account with:

• Two people (18+) with separate Amazon accounts. Adults may manage adolescent and kid accounts.

• Four teens (aged 13 through 17). Teens may use Amazon to buy and watch material with parental permission.

• Four kids (kids can’t buy on Amazon).

Redeem Whole Foods Coupons

Healthy shopping may add up. Prime members get discounts on certain goods if they input their email address, phone number, or QR code on their Whole Foods Market app at checkout.

Blue marks represent Prime-only discounts, while yellow tags suggest an additional 10% off previously discounted items. This gives you weekly best-seller discounts on fruits, packaged goods, and cosmetic items, but not alcohol. Saving a few cents for each item may not seem much, but it adds up over time. If you don’t want to go across town, Amazon provides free two-hour grocery delivery with a minimum purchase. With the Amazon app, you may check in to see whether you need to visit the shop.

Use Prime’s Wedding Register To Track Your Wishes

With Amazon’s Bridal Registry, you can create a gift wish list for anything from everyday necessities to group gifts. Amazon can help you meet your giving needs, which is easy for you and your visitors.

In addition to the register, the browsing function may inspire fresh ideas or remind you of something you may have forgotten. You may also purchase anything remaining on the register for a 20% discount and return it within 180 days if you don’t like it.