All Employees at Tesla’s Nevada Battery Facility Will Be Required To Wear Masks

Tesla looks to have gone a long way after breaking local COVID-19 safety regulations. According to the Wall Street Journal, starting August 9th, Tesla will force all employees at its Nevada Gigafactory to wear masks, regardless of their vaccination status. Previously, employees at the battery facility only needed to wear masks if they weren’t completely immunized.

Tesla Takes a Tough Stand

In the aftermath of the more easily transmissible Delta form of SARS-CoV-2, the tipsters stated Tesla was toughening its policy, including revised CDC advice urging that vaccinated individuals wear masks indoors. Although complete immunization minimizes the risk of infection and symptoms, there is evidence that breakthrough cases (infections among vaccinated persons) can easily spread the virus to others.

The firm hasn’t replied to requests for comment, and it’s unlikely to do so when its public relations division is discreetly dismantled in autumn 2020.

Elon Musk’s Threat

Tesla has been a week behind its Detroit-based competitors, who reintroduced mask requirements a week earlier. It’s a far cry from the EV manufacturer’s stance in May 2020, when it resisted an Alameda County lockout and kept its Fremont vehicle facility running. Elon Musk has threatened to relocate Tesla’s headquarters and sue the state of California. Musk stated he caught COVID-19 in November 2020 as a result of the relocation, which may have resulted in further illnesses at the Fremont facility.

Tesla Softens Approach

Tesla will be able to comply more easily this time since its plant will remain operational. When it comes to keeping up with demand for its automobiles, the automotive company can’t afford to put authorities to the test. Nonetheless, Tesla’s alleged mask order stands in stark contrast to the company’s prior approach, in that it is voluntarily taking action rather than fighting back.