Three Tips From a Betting Expert to Help You Beat the Bookies

More people than ever before are placing their bets online. This surge in the number of wagers placed on popular sports, including American Football, soccer and horse racing, was a result of the easing of rules on sports betting in USA. Officials in the White House moved the power to governors of individual states, allowing them to decide if they wanted to keep rules against gambling in their area or move to legalise sports betting. 

Previously, betting on sports and casinos was only permitted in Las Vegas but that has all changed New Jersey moved swiftly to allow residents and visitors to gamble. Other states quickly followed and if not the for interruption brought about but coronavirus emergency it would have been more. Several states are currently putting the finishing touches to the rules changes while others remain at the debating stage, hearing arguments for and against.

With gambling now more accessible, we have taken the advice of a sports betting expert who offers three tips on how you can improve your chances of making a profit on your favourite sports by consistently beating the bookies.

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Register for a free bet

Your first job when starting out on your betting adventure is to choose a reliable bookmaker, one that is legal and licensed in your region. Most online bookies display their license information on the homepage of their website and mobile app so it should be easy to spot. Choose wisely as some bookies are better than others. You’re after an established name with a welcome bonus, great reputation, generous odds and lots of sports markets.

When you have found the sportsbook you want to bet with you can register for an account in less than five minutes on your desktop or smartphone. Here’s the first piece of betting advice. Choose a bookie with a welcome offer free bet or register at a few different bookies and grab all the free bets offered. This approach also increases your chance of getting market best odds on every bet you place.

There are many types of bonuses for new customers but the best one is the deposit matched free bet. With this promo you get a free bet that is equal to your first deposit and gamble. If you deposit and bet $50, for example, you’ll land a $50 free bet. The size of the freebie due is completely down to you which many customers appreciate.

Do your homework

Regardless of which sports teams and players you decide to bet on you should always research your selections in full before confirming. Seek the head-to-head scores, recent form of both teams, injury news, manager interviews and more. Anything you can get your hands on. The more the better. The more research you do the more chance you’ll have of beating the bookies and landing a profit.

Armed with all the knowledge you need to make an informed sportsbook bet you should then research the odds offered. You are on the lookout for a betting app that offers better odds than the competition. The differences may seem small and not worth the hassle of researching, but those margins soon add up and could have a real impact on your profit/loss column at the end of the season. Taking anything less than the best price is handing the advantage to the bookie. Why would you want to do that? They have enough already. Follow our advice – get the biggest odds you can.

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Manage your budget

Set a budget – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and stick to it. Stick to it hard. Decide the amount of cash you want to spend over the set period, monitor your spend and be strict with it. Don’t overspend. A good way to set a betting budget is to estimate how much you can afford to lose to betting every week. That will ensure you make a realistic budget. 

Any winnings will then be seen as a welcome bonus. The ideal scenario is to be betting with profits for as long as possible. Start slow, build up the profits, and you’ll be betting on the house, which is the ideal situation and the aim of any respected punter.