How Do Cryptocurrency Values Change During a Bull Market?

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The cryptocurrency market differs from traditional markets by its incredibly high volatility. While banks issue conventional currencies, and their amount can be increased when needed, crypto assets emission does not depend on governments or banks. 

Prices on crypto exchanges change probably every minute. Slight daily volatility allows traders to profit in portions many times within one day, while sharp upward movements can bring a fortune to long-term investors. 

Cryptocurrency values change according to market trends. Similarly to the traditional markets, the crypto market also uses the terms bear and bull trends:

  • * Bull trend stands for price growth and optimistic tendency.
  • * Bear trend means a decline in the market and overall prices drop.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at the bull market trend.

What is a Bull Market Trend, and How Does It Affect Crypto Exchange Prices?

A bull market means an optimistic investor’s feelings concerning the asset’s future price. If cryptocurrency values are sharply moving up, demonstrating meaningful prices increase in a short period of time, that is a bull trend. Compared with conventional financial markets, digital assets are smaller and much more volatile, which means every bull run can raise prices by 40% in just a couple of days.

Many beginner investors strive to buy cryptocurrency during bull rallies, following the overall trend and optimism. However, every bull trend is changed by bearish, so it is better to wait until the market drops a bit and enter it when cryptocurrency exchange prices are lower. Thus, you will spend less money on buying crypto.

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