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Google VM Migration Service

Google Cloud Platform Pushing Hard on Cloud Migration Tools, Google Finally Awake!

The disadvantage of a company being a late entrant to a competitive segment can manifest itself as a huge advantage for the end user. The company will be aggressive in courting clients, will go...
AWS us-east-1 outage

Netflix Shows How Companies Could Have Prepared for the Massive AWS Outage

This is a follow-up article to the report on the massive AWS cloud storage service outage that occurred earlier this week. The original report can be viewed here: Massive AWS Cloud Outage May Frighten Enterprise...
cloud computing object storage

Cloud Computing Price Cuts Move from Virtual Machines to Object Storage: New Research

Price cuts are a common occurrence in the cloud computing industry. The big cloud service providers have all steadily been bringing their prices down, but the industry still has long way to go before...
Comcast Business IBM Cloud

Comcast and IBM Cloud Offer High-speed Private Connectivity for Businesses

Comcast Business announced yesterday that its customers can receive an up-to 10Gbps private network connection to IBM's Cloud for public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments. Businesses around the world need to rely on the open...

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune
AWS announces Sweden datacenters for 2018

AWS to Push its Datacenter Footprint into Sweden, Plans Underway for China and France

The world's number one infrastructure as a service provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), has announced its plans to open data centers in Sweden next year. Amazon's data center footprint is classified into regions and availability...
Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Azure

Azure IOT

Azure IoT or Azure IoT suite is a collection of services and solutions built by Microsoft to help customers create end-to-end IoT applications on Azure. Azure IoT is an open platform that...
Google Alphabet acquires AppBridge to migrate data to GSuite Drive and Gmail

Google Parent Alphabet Acquires AppBridge for G Suite Data Transfer

Alphabet has announced its plans to acquire AppBridge, a Canadian tech firm that specializes in helping companies move their data to G Suite on Google's cloud servers. While details of the deal were not disclosed,...
cloud computing infrastructure - Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure: A Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) Duopoly?

Amazon Web Services Vs. Microsoft Azure is shaping up to be a fight that will shape the cloud computing industry’s future over the next decade. AWS and its cohort of cloud services, and Microsoft...
Google Cloud pricing strategy

Is the Google Cloud Pricing Strategy Really That Different from AWS or Microsoft?

Google was late to the cloud computing race, but ever since it threw its hat into the ring by appointing Diane Greene to head Google Cloud, Alphabet has steadily been expanding its cloud services as...
G Suite office productivity and collaboration SaaS applications getting upgrades and new features

Alphabet Doubles Down on New G Suite Features and Functionality. Finally.

Google announced a ton of updates to its office collaboration and productivity line-up, G Suite. With Microsoft literally running away with the market as Office 365 continues to score big clients, Google - and just about everyone...
Microsoft launches Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program for eligible Azure users

Microsoft Offers Unique IP Protection Program for Microsoft Azure Customers

This week, Microsoft became the first tech company to offer uncapped indemnification coverage to its Microsoft Azure cloud customers. As the cloud computing industry keeps adding billions of dollars in business each year, it...

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall)

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that allows customers to write application specific rules that increase security and application availability by blocking common web attacks that attempt to exploit vulnerabilities.

Azure ML explained: Azure Machine Learning Service and Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio is Microsoft's fully managed cloud service that allows users to build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions. The simple browser-based, drag and drop tool minimizes coding effort, helping...
Cloud Computing for financial services

Will Big-money Financial Services Cos Lead the Next Cloud Computing Wave?

Financial institutions around the world have, so far, remained mute spectators to the cloud computing industry, which has completely transformed the way businesses have gone about handling their technology infrastructure. There are several factors...