Pixel audio issue related to hardware, affects both Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel 32GB Available Refurbished at a Killer Deal Price of $359 on eBay

Google Pixel is the first smartphone launched under the made-by-Google branding. Launched in October 2016, several refurbished models have been available on various sites. Now, however, Google has launched a refurbished model at a much cheaper price ($359) on Ebay. It is a refurbished 32GB variant, but the price was a pleasant surprise because there was no big fall in…

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Google spends $3.2 million in tv advertising for Google Pixel Smartphone promotion

Google Pixel Smartphone is for Real, Spends $3.2 Million on TV Ads in 2 Days

Within a 48-hour period of launching the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones at its October 4 event, Google reportedly spent $3.2 million in television advertisements to promote the new smartphones. So, obviously, Google is very serious about pushing its namesake-branded smartphone, the Google Pixel, to the world. Ironically, however, in a segment where its own…

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What Android Smartphone Features to Expect in 2019

For Android smartphones, the last two years have been all about feature upgrades rather than new technologies. Fingerprint scanners are better, camera sensors and software are more robust, average screen size is bigger than it’s ever been, and so on. But nothing really new has broken over the horizon. 2019 will be very different, if…

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