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Top Software as a Service (SAAS) companies

Best Software as a service (SAAS) companies.

What is Serverless Computing and Why you should consider it?

What is Serverless Computing and Why you should consider it?

What is Amazon CloudWatch?

What can you do with Amazon CloudWatch?

Google Cloud: GCP, G-Suite and a whole lot more

What is Google Cloud Platform?

Top 10 Cloud Computing Companies

List of top ten cloud computing companies of 2018

Why is Office 365 Growth Critical to Microsoft’s Strategy?

The growth of Office 365 has been no less than stunning for Microsoft. Commercial revenue growth of Office 365, when you exclude currency fluctuation,...

IBM Unveils Industry’s First “AI-Powered Decision-Making” Tool, Project DataWorks

IBM yesterday announced the launch of “Project DataWorks”, part of its Watson initiative that aims to exploit artificial intelligence to help businesses and data...

Why Oracle Paying $9.3 B for NetSuite Acquisition is a Steal

Oracle has announced its intention to buy cloud CRM company NetSuite for a reported $9.3 billion. But the NetSuite acquisition means much more to...

Samsung Jumps On a Passing Cloud Opportunity Called Joyent

No, we don’t think that Samsung wants to compete with the cloud big four comprising Amazon, IBM, Microsoft and Google, but the smartphone maker...