Shudeep Chandrasekhar

Shudeep Chandrasekhar is a business consultant by profession and a musician by passion. With extensive experience in senior management, he has a thorough understanding of the internal workings of various types of businesses and what makes them tick. A keen student of the human mind and its potential, Shudeep constantly strives to understand the decision-making processes that underline every major business move. An enthusiastic traveller, Shudeep has lived and worked in more than a dozen countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Japan, Oman and many more. He is a truly global personality and currently lives in the bustling coastal city of Chennai, India – his birthplace.

Been to so many countries and worked with so many companies but he still does not have a single usable photograph of himself.

Shudeep regularly writes for Seekingalpha and has already broken into the top ten long idea league in SA that boasts of more than 9000 contributors.



Shankar Narayanan

Shankar Narayanan has an MBA from Kent State University, USA and a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Madurai Kamaraj University,India.

Wants to live, breathe and eat capital markets. An obsession that he picked up from the college days. Started a company in 2009 that ceased operations four years later, but refuses to accept that the company is no more and keeps saying that the company may not be operating but the idea is still alive. It’s a bit useless to try and convince him otherwise.

Shankar writes for Seekingalpha as well, but with his extended workload he is not sure how much he can contribute to the financial community via SA. But nevertheless plans to write whenever he gets time, because he believes SA to be the best financial forum in the world.


Rick Shultz is a retired radio & TV marketing director from Florida who writes freelance articles from the jungles of Central Panama. He lives with his Panamanian wife Elsie and writes while sweltering in the Central American heat wearing a T-shirt and sandals to keep their brilliant but semi-starving son, Michael, in college classes in far away Panama City. Rick’s blog wcfbyrick focuses on weird, cool & fun things he laughs about but his main interest is trying to understand the alien cultures that are visiting Earth.