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Tesla supercharger and Amazon shipping package

How Musk Wants to Mimic Amazon’s Delivery System to Improve Tesla’s Financials

As divergent as Tesla and Amazon are with respect to their industries, sales strategies, business models, and, indeed, their philosophies, Elon Musk has finally admitted to his employees that their delivery system...
2016 Tesla Model S

Has Tesla reached the point of no return?

Are electric cars waste of money as some Tesla critics say?
Tesla Model 3 Delivery Event Fremont California

Tesla Model 3 Demand Unexplained

Tesla Model 3 demand is not waning.
Model 3 in background with woman holding phone showing Tesla mobile app

Tesla Price Cuts: Why, When and How deep will it get

A lot has been written and spoken about Tesla's price cut and the electric car maker's sharp sales (estimated & unofficial) decline in the United States.Truth be...

How Tesla keeps Disrupting the Auto Industry

What happens when half of Toyota owners who are leaving the company for another brand, start driving Tesla?Disruption. One that may not be true in a purely technical...

Why did Tesla slash its workforce by 16% in less than a year

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced last week that Tesla will slash 7% of its workforce, the company's second workforce reduction in less than year. In June 2018, Tesla had announced that it...

Tesla Powerwall: Everything that you need to know

Tesla Powerwall: Residential Power Storage and Backup

Tesla will build higher cost models in the US. Shanghai Giga will build affordable...

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced today via twitter that the electric car maker will build higher cost models of S, X, 3 and Y, in the United States, while Shanghai Gigafactory will...
2016 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Resale Value

Tesla Model S Resale Value

Tesla Model S: Why there may not be an exterior refresh anytime soon

Why Tesla will not refresh Model S exterior in a hurry.

Tesla Critic David Einhorn’s Greenlight Capital records worst annual loss.

New York-based hedge fund Greenlight Capital, led by its founder David Einhorn, declined by 34% in 2018, the worst ever loss in the company's history, reported Bloomberg.David Einhorn,...
Tesla showroom in a mall

Tesla built 60,862 Model 3 in the fourth quarter of 2018: Bloomberg Tracker

Model 3 Production Q4 2018According to Bloomberg Tracker that estimates Tesla Model 3 production, the electric car maker built 60,862 Model 3s in the fourth quarter of 2018,...

Tesla Model S Specs

Tesla Model S Specs