The Google Pixel Smartphone is Officially Here! This is #madebygoogle at its Best

Well before the official launch of Google Pixel, the new smartphone #madebygoogle, rumors and leaks had pretty much figured out everything that was going on behind the curtains. What was speculation is now fact, and we already know the facts about the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. For the features, you can simply take a look at one of our previous articles on the Pixel.


First of all, the Pixel is nothing like the Nexus line of phones from Google. Although the Nexus variants performed perfectly well and has a huge following, the Pixel takes everything to the next level. But what is most significant about the new smartphone made by Google is not the phone itself, but how it melds the fragmented parts of the Android ecosystem. Android is undoubtedly the market leader in smartphone operating systems, but it has to jump through so many hoops made up of manufacturers and carriers to push even a single update to its users. That’s why despite Android Nougat being such an advanced versions of the OS, less than 0.1% of devices currently run this new operating system.

And that’s why the Pixel. By directly entering the hardware side of things, Google has much more control over the Android versions it pushes into the phone. In the words of Google SVP of Hardware Rick Osterloh:

“Building hardware and software together lets us take full advantage of capabilities like the Google Assistant. It lets us harness years of expertise we’ve built up in machine learning and AI to deliver the simple, smart, and fast experiences that our users expect from us.”

In fact, Google Assistant was one of the bigger highlights of the Pixel launch. It utilizes the power of DeepMind’s machine learning capabilities to provide an interactive experience like nothing we’ve seen before. The other major announcement was the VR capability of the Pixel, which will work seamlessly with Daydream applications and make virtual reality available to the masses.

This is #madebygoogle

But Pixel is not just about the best camera or the best voice assistant. It is about taking on the master of the hardware-software marriage – the Apple iPhone. Clearly, Google has understood the importance of controlling both sides of a product’s development. Do just the software and you’re at the mercy of the hardware makers; do hardware alone and you have no control over what the product does. It is only in the merging of the two that true control is wrested from the hands of uncertainty. And this is what Google wants. They’re after the best, and the best right now is obviously Apple devices.

This is where Google is headed with not only the Pixel, but also Google Home, Chromecast and every other piece of hardware that they have put under the #madebygoogle umbrella – and everything that’s going to launch in the future with the #madebygoogle branding. I’m confident that we’re going to see a new side to Google moving forward. No more lax and lazy, sitting on a pile of cash, spending money on moonshots kind of company.

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