The Better Smartphone Voice Assistant: Apple Siri or Google Assistant? [Infographic]

Until Google Assistant on Google Pixel and Google Home came along, Apple Siri was pretty much considered the king…sorry, queen of smartphone assistants. Now that we’ve had a chance to test out Google Assistant, some very interesting differences have been revealed between the two versions of voice assistant.

Following is an infographic presented by ZLATED that shows us exactly how these two voice assistants from two tech giants differ in the way they interact with users. The infographic shows two things very clearly: Siri’s memory isn’t as great as Google Assistant’s, but she handles smartphone apps much better than her rival. Let’s see how they compare face to face, but first…

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Okay, so here we go…

Apple Siri Vs. Google Assistant: Who is the Better Voice Assistant?

Apple Siri versus Google Assistant infographic ZLATER


Clearly, Google Assistant has an edge. Even if it didn’t do that well on social media app integration, the support that it gets from Google’s own ecosystem of Search, Maps and other apps do give it a huge advantage over Apple’s voice assistant. Of course, it’s a matter of preference, but we pretty much agree with the analysis shown in the infographic.

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