2017 iPhone 7s Plus with Vertical iSight Duo Camera Coming Alongside iPhone 8

2017 iPhone 7s Plus with vertically aligned iSight Duo Camera

According to information from Taiwanese suppliers, an iPhone 7s Plus with the iSight Duo camera lenses vertically aligned could make its way into the iPhone line up for 2017.


We already know that there are three possible models coming next year: two refreshes on iPhone 7 – the 2017 iPhone 7s and 2017 iPhone 7s Plus, as well as a flagship 2017 iPhone (iPhone 8 for now, though it might be called something else when it’s launched) with AMOLED display, an all-glass front and all the good stuff we’ve covered over the past several months.

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The photo above came via Japanese blog Mac Okatara, which has reported several Apple leaks in the past and remains one of the more reliable sources of such information.

The report also says that most of the configurations on the new iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are still under consideration, but it’s very likely that the changes will only be incremental. All the real innovations are apparently being reserved for the 10th Anniversary Edition of iPhone releasing September 2017.

A lot of the leaks we’ve reported could be good information at this point, but over the course of the next few months Apple may well change things around based on supply factors, newly acquired tech, licensed proprietary components and so on.

For now, this is everything we know about next year’s line up of iPhones from the House of Apple.

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