Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Glass Shattering Spontaneously? S6 Edge+, Too

Galaxy S7 camera glass shattering spontaneously

Recent reports have emerged that a few users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 – the phone that Samsung was counting on to take it successfully through to 2017 – are saying that the glass covering the camera lens on their smartphones is “shattering” for no apparent reason – in many cases, untouched and even inside a case.

The incident started gaining publicity when a user, Sean, as reported by Consumerist, notified Samsung that his Galaxy S7’s camera glass had shattered in the night “despite being untouched and protected with a case throughout the night.”

Though the Samsung service center refused to replace the phone even though it was still under warranty, Sean did not refuse to give up pursuing the matter of what looked, in his words, like a “miniature bullet hole.”

After trawling through Google, he found other users had faced very similar problems. In one case – but this time on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ device – the glass had shattered while taking a photo. Interestingly, in every such case, Samsung had refused to replace the unit.

However, after users started a thread on Samsung’s own forum, the company took note and finally made a statement. Not a positive one, but a reaction, nonetheless:

“Although some unforeseen things may come, we do believe this is an isolated occurrence and do not want to place blame on anyone,” adding that affected users should send their devices in for inspection.

Meanwhile, Samsung is gearing up for a great year of devices in 2017 despite the many woes of the year that is almost passed.

The Galaxy S8 promises some very interesting specs, like 6GB RAM, and iris scanner, 6-inch screen and possibly even Bluetooth 5.0 support. Harman speakers won’t likely make it to next year’s model, but Samsung really needs some home runs in 2017 to make up for the billions in losses during 2016.

Right now the line-up looks like pretty robust, with a possible Note 8 in the works as well, and possibly a foldable smartphone that’s being called Galaxy X. So, despite problems with the Note 7 and, now, the Galaxy S7, Samsung looks to take 2017 by storm with some really great smartphones.

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