Roam-E: The Selfie Drone that Follows You Around Taking Photos

Roam-E selfie drone

The ultimate paparazzi is what I would call the Roam-E, an Australian-made drone with a camera and facial recognition that will follow you around at a reasonable distance and take selfies that you could never manage on your own – or even with a selfie stick.

Roam-E selfie drone

Unveiled at CES 2017 by IoT Group, Roam-E is a little bit bulky and, at $499, might not be a budget selfie tool, but the makers say that for the kind of technology it brings, it’s fairly priced.

The blades are collapsible, so you can carry it around in your handbag – if you’ve got one big enough, that is.

The facial recognition sensors pick no less than 64 different points on your face to recognize you. So, even if you’re with your friends at a picnic or a party, it’ll always focus its attention on you – that’s something no other selfie tool can do.

The company also has an indoor model called Rova, which has object avoidance built in, and the creators say that the Roam-E is much better for outdoor use.

Both these are still in the prototype stage, but considering the fact that they’ve already been priced by the company, we should see them on the market sooner rather than later.

Here’s a video that shows you how Roam-E works.

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