Galaxy S8 Name Officially Leaked by Samsung, Front Panel (Fascia) Photo Leaked

Galaxy S8 leak

Two separate leaks show that Samsung’s new flagship smartphone for 2017 will, indeed, be called the Galaxy S8, and that both will have the ‘edge’ display with much slimmer bezels at the top and bottom.

The first leak comes from Samsung itself, in a patent application to the USPTO. The name Galaxy S8 is unmistakable, so we definitely know that the phone is going to be called that.

Galaxy S8 leak

Name-wise, it’s kind of unique that Samsung would carry over the numbering system for the phone sequentially. After all, the Note 7 did come after the Note 5. Even Microsoft skipped a number with Windows 10. And who knows, Apple might not even call the iPhone 8 the iPhone 8!

But Samsung is being faithful to its flagship phones this year and calling a spade a spade.

The other revelation was this photo of the fascias of both models expected to be released this year. As you can see, both have the wrap-over edges, which is why we think the phones will be called Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, instead of S8 Edge and S8 Edge Plus. That would be stating the obvious, to say the least.

Galaxy S8 leak

We know that the first one is called S8, so it makes sense that its larger sibling would be christened S8 Plus, the way Apple has been doing for the past three iterations of iPhone.

We’ve seen quite a few renderings and leaked photos of devices claiming to be the Galaxy S8, but if these photos are the real deal, then Apple had better come out with a real stunner this year to outdo Samsung. Else, the Korean electronics may well force Apple into permanent second place in the United States in terms of devices sold annually.

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