Nokia 3310 Launch Details Revealed: Slimmer, Lighter and No Android

Nokia 3310 relaunching at MWC 2017 - Colored Screen; No Android

The Nokia 3310 is coming back, and this time it’s coming with a color screen and a slimmer, lighter avatar. HMD Global, the company with exclusive rights to phones carrying the Nokia brand name, intends to slip this one in along with their other launches at the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

Around the middle of February, we reported that the Nokia 3310 could be coming this year. We now have fresh information that gives us a better look at the GBP50 handset.

According to Vtech, a Chinese website, the 2017 Nokia 3310 will not have the old monochromatic screen, but will sport a color screen instead. But don’t expect a dazzling display, because the phone will still retain the amazing battery life of the original.

Another tidbit is that the phone won’t run Android, and will be marketed as a feature phone, not a smartphone.

We’re also expected to see the refreshed Nokia 3310 in multiple colors including yellow, red and green.

But, considering that the Nokia 3310 could have a die-hard following, we’re hoping there aren’t too many changes to the original design and workhorse build.

For details on the Nokia smartphones that HMD will unveil at MWC 2017, please read the following article:

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As mentioned in the above article, HMD is only looking to target Europe with these phones, so Nokia 3310 fans in the United States will have to wait until the company releases it there, if at all.

It’s great that HMD is starting off the Nokia line once again. The brand may never take off the way it originally did, but if HMD can use the goodwill in the market towards the Nokia name to their advantage, they may yet manage to build a reasonably successful smartphone and feature phone business out of the ashes of the original king of mobile phones.

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