Is Surface Pro 5 Coming in a AMD Ryzen Variant? Alien: Covenant Provides Clue

Surface Pro 5

While it’s been widely known that Surface Pro 5 will sport Intel’s Kaby Lake processors under the hood, a new development suggests that Microsoft could release at least one Surface Pro 5 model with AMD Ryzen processors – or do away with Intel altogether. Did the new Alien: Covenant trailer just spill the beans on that?


Alien: Covenant is being sponsored by AMD, one of Intel’s fiercest rivals in the PC space. Of course, that alone is insufficient evidence to suggest a Microsoft-AMD tie-up for the upcoming Surface tablet, but it’s not out of the question. After all, Microsoft is already working closely with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon 835 to handle desktop app emulation on the ARM architecture for Surface Phone.

One possibility is that the movie trailer is a teaser video for Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5. But if that’s the case, shouldn’t Microsoft be sponsoring the movie rather than AMD? It’s quite possible that Microsoft is staying behind the scenes for this one and letting AMD get all the attention.

However, that would imply a Surface Pro 5 with Ryzen processors rather than Intel’s Kaby Lake. Or it could be two variants of the device, one with Kaby Lake and another with Ryzen.

That’s one possibility. The other is the fact that Intel may be left out altogether. However, there’s been no publicly released information – rumor or otherwise – to suggest that Intel is no longer going to provide processors for the Surface Pro line of 2-in-1 hybrid tablets.

That leaves us in a quandary. Does AMD featuring what “looks like” a Surface tablet in a movie trailer reveal a new agreement between Microsoft and AMD? Just because the movie is sponsored by AMD and shows a Surface-like tablet being used by the actors, is that enough evidence to suggest an AMD-based Surface Pro 5?

As for the release date for Surface Pro 5, we still expect it to come sometime before Summer 2017. Windows 10 Creators Update is almost ready to drop to the public, possibly in the first half of April or possibly even the last week of March 2017. That will give Surface sales the continued momentum needed to carry it through the end of 2017, buying valuable time for the Surface Phone release.

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