Get Microsoft Cortana from Windows 10 on your Android Lock Screen, New Feature Added

cortana v2.6.0 on android lock screen above the lock

Microsoft launched its virtual smart assistant Cortana via iOS and Android apps last year in the United States, and more recently in the UK. Now, Microsoft is digging deeper into the Android system by pushing an update that now puts Cortana right on your lock screen on Android devices.

The Windows 10 smart assistant is quite shy, so you won’t see her in a lot of other places. Last year, Microsoft decided that she needs to be available not just to Windows 10 users, but also users of iOS and Android devices. Essentially, it’s along the lines of what Amazon is doing with Alexa and Google is doing with Google Assistant, and now Microsoft is enhancing the experience so you won’t have to open the Cortana app whenever you need help.

This move by Microsoft is likely a reaction to Google pushing its Google Assistant to make friends outside the Google Pixel and Google Home environment, but it’s a smart one.

The lock screen feature for Cortana was actually launched earlier this month, but now, you can “interact with Cortana above the lock,” asking her to set reminders or get information from her without unlocking your Android device.

The latest version of the app for Android devices is Cortana 2.6.0, and you can get it from Google Play Store here.

New Features in Cortana 2.6.0 for Android:

• Improved positioning above the lock screen
• New view for a quick glance of your day
• Buttons to create Reminders and Lists from Cortana home
• Improved reminder experience and location triggering
So far, there have been more than 1 million downloads of the app on Android devices, with an average user rating of 4.2 from about 18,600 users. There’s been no word about an iOS update for Cortana, and the current version on iTunes still shows v2.1.0, but Microsoft could be considering an update for iPhone users as well.
With Cortana getting a new home in the form of Harman/Kardon smart speakers from Microsoft later this year, strong user adoption on Android is a good sign that the new smart speakers will do well in the market.

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