Beware of Fake Nintendo Switch Offers Online, Even on Popular ECommerce Sites

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch gaming console is quickly becoming one of the most popular gaming systems of all time. The numbers look good, demand is extremely strong, and early sales indicate that it could beat Nintendo Wii’s sales of 101.63 million units. If it surpasses that in the next few years, it could even go for gold against Sony PlayStation 2, the best selling gaming console ever with 155 million units sold to day.

But, with the popularity of Nintendo Switch comes an availability crunch that nefarious sellers are taking advantage of.

As far as we know, no physical retailer in the United States has any inventory of Nintendo Switch left. In fact, even larger niche retailers like GameSpot say that they’re going to have supply issues until the end of the year. Amazon did have a few units, but their offer is exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

According to ShackNews, there are several third-party sellers on Amazon that are offering the Nintendo Switch at ridiculously low prices, often less than half the price of the $300 console.

You might find genuine offers as well, but it’s basically a risky bet considering no retailer appears to have any inventory of Nintendo Switch left. We’ve checked all these retailer sites – ToysRUs, Best Buy, Walmart, Target and even Amazon. There’s no in-store availability, no store pickup and most definitely no online availability. Only Amazon seems to have several offers, but we don’t know which ones are genuine and which aren’t.

As such, we would advise the utmost caution before you place an order online for the Nintendo Switch. Amazon covers all purchases, but you may have to jump through a couple of hoops before you get a refund in the event the third-party seller doesn’t ship the product or there are other problems.

Sites such as Zoolert, StockInformer and NowInStock can track and give you availability information from multiple retailers but, again, you’ll need to verify the authenticity of the offer if it’s on a marketplace portal.

We’re keeping a close eye on possible future availability, so check back on over the weekend.

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