FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch: Release Date and Features, No EA Frostbite Engine

FIFA 18 Nintendo Switch

It’s been known since February 2017 that FIFA 18 is coming to Nintendo Switch. Now, we have more details on features and graphics. Here’s what’s currently known about Switch FIFA 18.

The biggest difference between FIFA 10 on Nintendo Switch and other platforms like PC, Sony PS4 and Xbox One is that the game won’t be running EA’s Frostbit game engine, so it won’t have The Journey 2 Campaign. And the resolution will be 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode.

The Frostbit game engine was first developed for the Battlefield series by EA DICE, but has since moved to other genres and is extensively used by other EA Studios. Since the engine is designed for use with Windows, PlayStation and Xbox, it is not supported on Nintendo Switch, hence the variation in features.

On the plus side, Switch FIFA 18 will have all the other features of the game, including the skill games, the women’s international cup, online and local seasons, career, kick-off mode and Ultimate Team.

FIFA 18 is actually being designed specifically for Nintendo Switch, so you can play it in all modes and with two Joy-Cons, a single Joy-Con or a Pro controller. The rendering of players seems to be really good, which you can see from this promo video released back in February.

FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch will release alongside the version for all other platforms on September 29, 2017. We expect more news to follow about the progress of the game as it readies for its final launch. Stay tuned.

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Source: Gamespot