Microsoft Edge Browser Not Easy on Battery Life, Independent Test Shows

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Microsoft earlier this year touted its flagship browser Microsoft Edge as being the most battery efficient browser of them all. Test results were subsequently published that showed Edge’s edge when it comes to power efficiency. A recent test conducted by a third party using the same benchmarking parameters but different devices (Microsoft’s tests were done on Surface devices; these new tests were done on Dell Inspirons) show that Google Chrome is still the best when it comes to power consumption.

Browsers variously claiming to be the best on the market now appears to be completely dependent on who is conducting the test. The new tests were done by YouTuber Linus Tech Tips, and they showed that Google Chrome was still the best, running 368 minutes against Microsoft Edge and Opera, both of which came in at 365 minutes, a shade lower than Chrome. But that was only the “Best Time” category. In the “Worst Time” category (these tests were run multiple times for repeatability), the device running Google Chrome lasted 325 minutes, but the one with Microsoft Edge only lasted 220 minutes.

Linus Tech Tips says that Microsoft Edge was much more inconsistent, which is why its “Average Time” was only 317 minutes against Google Chrome’s 346.

It’s extremely difficult to peg down an absolute winner in the power category, or so it would seem. Microsoft hasn’t yet commented on these new tests, which were seen on YouTube by almost a million viewers now.

There’s no doubt that both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are highly secure, versatile fast and robust browsers. In the end, does it really matter to the consumer how these tests come out? Google Chrome may well use less power under certain situations, and in other circumstances Microsoft Edge could be more power efficient.

As long as both are comparable in a number of categories, it shouldn’t really matter how great they are on benchmark tests. The real test is the real world, where user preferences, features and functionality are the real benchmarks.

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