New Google News Look Could Also Come to Google Search on Mobile

Google Search

Over the past weeks, Google has been making some major changes to the look and feel of its web properties. Google Now was the first to get the new look that displays results like cards. Google News now has that look, and word has it that Google might bring the same look and feel to its main Google Search platform as well.

First, here’s what Google News now looks like:

Google News

As you can see, the cards theme has been ported over from Google Now into Google News, offering a tab-based interface that’s more conducive to mobile. And that’s the biggest clue as to why Google is making these sweeping changes across its web properties. It is aligning itself to be a lot more mobile-friendly and personalized.

Now, this is what Google Search apparently looks like in its test phase, as reported by a Reddit user.

Google Search on Mobile

The information looks more organized, and it looks a lot less cluttered than the old list-type version. That’s possibly part of Google’s effort to bring in Material Design to its properties as well as the Android interface.

Though the effort seems more mobile-focused, it’s quite possible that Google will bring in the new look for desktop web users as well.

One other point that’s been commented upon is that there was less paid content being displayed up top like what you’d expect on desktop search. Google is under intense pressure from the EU and several U.S. tech companies for prioritizing its own platforms over other results in the case of comparison shopping.

What that’s done is opened up Google to attack from several other quarters. Its dominance in search is the root cause of all that noise, and Google may well be trying to address that problem from the inside out.

Whatever the case may be on that front, it’s good to know that visual changes are finally coming to platforms that have been around for years and years.

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