Snap Inc. Spectacles Now on Amazon with Free Two-Day Shipping

Snap inc spectacles now on Amazon

Have you been staying away from buying a pair of Snap Inc. ‘Spectacles’ because you either had to wait 5-10 days for an order on their website or hunt down a yellow kiosk? Amazon is now offering several colors of Spectacles with free two-day shipping.

It’s great news for consumers that Snap Inc., the company that owns the social media platform Snapchat, has decided to make its video capture device available through Amazon. The reach is better, they’ll get more sales traction and customers won’t have to physically go and buy them or wait more than a week for it to be delivered, in many cases.

That also means Snap Inc. could have ramped up production and is expecting to sell more Spectacles this year. During the first quarter, the company sold about 61,500 units for a total revenue of $8 million, according to its earnings report.

But that’s a small portion of their overall revenues of $150 million. In line with that, the company is being very conservative about sales estimates for Spectacles. According to CFO Drew Vollero, “It’s a modest program for us right now.”

Modest or not, the people who buy these units are busy snapping away videos at an astonishing rate. The company revealed that over 5 million Snaps were created during the first quarter using Spectacles. That equates to more than 80 snaps per customer. Not bad for a newly launched device with “modest” first quarter sales.

Spectacles from Snap Inc. are also available on other sites like eBay, but you’ll typically see them priced higher than the suggested retail price, presumably to cover the “free” shipping that many sellers claim to offer.

Now that they’re available on Amazon, we should see a whole lot more activity around Spectacles-based Snaps being shared on Snapchat. Sad that none of them will actually be around 24 hours after they’re uploaded.

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