Sony PS4 Pro 5.0 Update Has These Crucial Changes to Parental Control


Sony has revealed the major upcoming 5.0 update for PlayStation 4, but did not give away any secrets about the upgrade or the security patch work that will be part of the release.

Though Sony hasn’t officially detailed the information, Eurogamer has managed to get a copy of the 5.0 update’s release notes. The notes give away certain features that will come with version 5.0 of the PS4 software. The new update will allow PS4 Pro owners to stream through Twitch at 1080p and 60fps, and this will be available exclusively for Pro and Twitch accounts.

The new update will also allow the user to follow any PSN member, something similar to Xbox One or Twitter – with the everyone-can-follow-anyone concept, without adding a friend request to be verified. However, there is an option to stay away through privacy settings if the user chooses.

Version 5.0 for PS4 Pro will allow the user to share videos received to someone else if they find it worth their while. This primarily encourages more sharing of content and more interaction among users.

There is a quick access to the notifications and upload/download status without having to retreat to the notification screen.

Another welcome feature is handling sub or child accounts on their home console, the new update 5.0 for PS4 Pro allows parents and guardian to have better control over managing what their children have access to on PSN. To be more precise, parents can have control on a per-account basis, so each child has different communications, content-viewing and spending limit privileges. And more significant is control for parents over monetary transactions – parents can set how much an account can spend at a given time on games and content. Earlier, this option wasn’t available; instead, it was a more cumbersome way of handling it, and you could only remove the payment option from the system post purchase.

Other changes include push notifications for events, viewers’ comments on the screen while broadcasting in VR mode, and support for more languages like Indonesian, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Thai, Vietnamese and Hungarian.

So far, we have only learned what is in store with the 5.0 update through the release notes leaked by Eurogamer. Sony hasn’t provided any official updates, and is yet to reveal a release date for the 5.0 update for Sony PlayStation 4 Pro.

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