Tech Accessories Major Casetify Launches New Apple Watch Bands Today

Apple Watch Series 3 Band Casetify

Tech lifestyle giant Casetify (formerly Casetagram), the 3rd largest tech accessories brand in the world, is releasing five Apple Watch Band models today, September 22. Apple Watch is currently on its third iteration, with Apple Watch Series 3 being launched alongside iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus earlier this month.

Casetify is the first company to offer Apple Watch users a custom range of Apple Watch bands, and all their bands are available in 38mm and 42mm variants. That means they’re compatible with all Apple Watch models right from the first version to the latest Apple Watch Series 3 variants. That includes Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Edition that are also shipping today, September 22, 2017.

A statement from Casetify Co-Founder and CEO, Wes Ng:

“Apple continues to revolutionize the way we use tech accessories and at Casetify we are changing the way people personalize those same accessories. We want our customers to feel they are making their Apple Watch their own. By offering straps with thousands of design options and allowing them to customize their watch bands, we are doing just that.”

This year, Casetify is showcasing its classic Saffiano Leather Watch Band, which allows you to customize your Apple Watch Band from a massive choice of thousands of design options.


And if you’re not keen on any of the available designs, you can simply upload a custom image of the design you want, and Casetify will put that on your very own designer Apple Watch Band. Casetify is the only Apple Watch Band brand that allows this deep a level of customization.

But that’s not all.

As part of its capsule collection, the company has introduced four new models:

Steel Mesh Apple Watch Band

Crafted with painstakingly woven stainless steel for maximum comfort, the Steel Mesh range of Apple Watch Bands from Casetify are available in three rich color options: Rose Gold, Black and Silver.


The Band retails for $82, and is available starting today, September 22.

Double Tour Apple Watch Band

Creatively named after the long strap that lets you wind the band twice around your wrist for an elegant, layered look, the genuine leather Double Tour Watch Band is a new “twist” on the classic leather feel.

double-tour-leather-apple-watch-band-v3This unique band retails for $90 and comes in Black, Red and Brown to suit your many moods.

Magnetic Leather Loop Apple Watch Band

Made with soft and lightweight faux leather, the Magnetic Band is ideal for regular, all-day use.

The band retails for $50 – great value for money.

Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Band

If you’re looking for something that ‘breathes’ better, why not go for the Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Band from Casetify? It fits perfectly onto your wrist, it’s great for regular use, it’s comfortable for all-day wear and it’s available in multiple design options: Solid Black, Solid Pink, White Stripe and Black Stripe.


The Nylon Fabric Apple Watch Band retails for $40

All models come with free shipping, and are officially launching today alongside Apple Watch Series 3 availability in the United States.

Check out Casetify’s full line-up of Apple Watch Band models for Apple Watch Series 3 as well as older Apple Watch models:

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