Two iPhone X Hidden Features that Apple Hasn’t Revealed

iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is one of the most sophisticated devices on the market, not to mention one of the most expensive mainstream premium smartphones. At the launch last month, Apple revealed several new features that were “firsts” for Apple, though not for Samsung. But it looks like they’ve kept a few things under wraps that they may have intended to reveal during the waiting period that goes through October 27, when iPhone X preorders open for the November 3 start of shipping.

Two features in particular have recently surfaced that weren’t announced at the launch, and might never be announced by the company. But independent sources have been able to dig them out.

The first was discovered by Phone Arena, and reveals that the Face ID camera only shows the name of the app in the lock screen notification unless the owner of the iPhone X is holding it. When the owner is the one looking at the device, it shows more details about the notification.


That’s a pretty cool feature because, for example, if you receive a text on iMessage on your phone, nobody else will be able to see what the message contains, only that there’s a notification from iMessage. This isn’t something Apple discussed at the iPhone X launch.

The other feature is even cooler because it shows that there’s still a lot of creative thinking left at Apple Inc., and this one was spotted by BGR.

If you’ve seen the other premium smartphones this year, you’ll notice that the bezels on the left and right are very narrow, but all of them have a bezel on the chin, or the bottom section of the phone. The iPhone X does not. The reason there’s a chin on other smartphones is that space is required for the display controller, which is usually at the bottom of the display. This needs to be connected to the motherboard, so manufacturers can’t use that space for the screen.

Apple has bypassed the need to do this by bending the screen backwards on itself, at the chin area, so the display can go right down to the chin without the problem of connecting the controller to the motherboard. That’s a brilliantly creative piece of engineering that exploits the flexibility of OLED panels. OLED isn’t unique, but nobody has thought of doing this in such a creative way that it results in a stunning and true full-front display right to the bottom of the device.


That’s an impressive piece of engineering that uses an inherent quality of OLED to literally skirt around a major challenge.

iPhone X will open for pre-orders later this month, but unless you’re one of the first few thousands to confirm their pre-orders, it’s not likely that you’ll get yours before Christmas. If you plan on buying the phone, make sure you’re one of the first to get in line when pre-orders open on October 27.


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