60,000 Nationalists and Fascists March through Warsaw Streets on Poland’s Independence Day

The Story:

To mark Poland’s independence day, tens of thousands of nationalists took to the streets of Warsaw, throwing red smoke bombs and waving banners with “white Europe of brotherly nations” and other slogans.

Important Because:

Since it began nearly a decade ago, the annual march in Poland has increasingly represented a confluence of far-right groups and white supremacists from all over Europe.

This past Saturday’s march drew Roberto Fiore, Tommy Robinson and other far-right leaders from across Europe.

It is now one of the largest such shows of rightist support in Europe.

This Happened:

  • The Warsaw march was organized by the National Radical Camp.

  • About 60,000 people participated, according to police estimates.

  • The crowd of mostly young protestors boisterously chanted “fatherland” and shot off roman candles.

  • Several banners reading “Clean Blood”, “Europe Will Be White” and “White Europe” were carried by members of the crowd.


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