The Story:

In response to joint military exercises by South Korea and the U.S, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) has warned of imminent nuclear war due to “reckless moves for aggression” by the United States.

Important Because:

In what was the possibly the largest display of United States Navy capabilities in the region, the Sea of Japan on Sunday witnessed the passing through of three aircraft carriers and a tight formation of 200 jet fighters.

The ongoing military drills have irked North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un, and tension in the region has been rapidly rising since the planned military operations were announced.

The exercises will run for two more days as several nations flex their naval muscles in the joint operations.

This Happened:

Kim Jong-Un’s state-controlled mouthpiece KCNA has published an article called Anti-DPRK Ear Exercises Flayed, where it makes the following and other strong statements:

  • “The joint marine drill around the Paekryong and Yonphyong Islands aimed at a preemptive strike at major targets of North Korea was a deliberate and planned military provocation to further strain the situation of acute confrontation.
  • “The situation of the Korean peninsula is now on the worst phase of tension in which a nuclear war may break out any moment due to the US reckless moves for aggression on the DPRK.
  • “So, it is clear what a catastrophic phase such war games will bring.”


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