Microsoft Makes Trillion Dollar Club Alongside Apple and Amazon

Microsoft valuation crosses $1 trillion

This past Friday saw Microsoft surpass Apple in terms of market cap for the first time since 2010, when Apple took the crown from the Windows maker. The landmark event of Microsoft reaching $1 trillion in market cap comes in the wake of Apple’s stock slide that started in October 2018. News of tariffs on imported Chinese goods and speculation about iPhone sales having reached peak demand have put some downward pressure on AAPL.

But the achievement was a fleeting one. As of Friday closing, Microsoft was valued at $851.2 billion against Apple’s $847.4 billion. Until Microsoft came along to take its rightful place, Apple and Amazon were the only two companies in the world to have crossed the $1 trillion valuation mark. It is officially Top 3 now that Microsoft is part of the Trillion Dollar Club.

This has been a year of trillion dollar entries, with Apple hitting the coveted milestone in August, followed by Amazon in September and Microsoft now following at the end of November 2018.