4 Outdoor Business Branding Ideas

A business needs to be advertised for it to be known. This is because there are so many businesses that compete against each other in any given industry or niche. That’s why it’s important for a business to utilize the outdoor space to promote its brand. But if you ask most people, they will tell you that outdoor advertising was killed by internet marketing. That’s a white lie. Outdoor branding has never lost its relevance. In fact, there are businesses that combine it with internet marketing because it helps in targeted marketing campaigns. Here is a list of outdoor branding ideas that you can implement and gain an edge over your competitors.

1. Street Furniture

Street furniture branding works like magic, especially in big cities. This is because such cities are usually crowded. Apart from offering people a place where they can relax as they wait for the next bus to arrive, the furniture helps in alerting the masses about the products or services that your business offers. This is because the furniture is usually painted in colors that match with the theme of your company logo. Since the furniture will remain permanently in the streets, it’s better if you use a material that can withstand extreme weather conditions such as aluminum, steel or concrete. But before putting the furniture in the streets, you should first get permits and licenses from government agencies so that they don’t remove them.

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2. Car Wraps

Car wraps is another reliable outdoor marketing strategy. For a start, you should consider branding your company vehicles. But that’s not enough because such cars don’t go far from your premises. You should actually consider entering into a branding agreement with the local bus companies. This is because such buses crisscross various parts in your region throughout the day. They can therefore make a reliable brand ambassador. Even if the majority of people don’t use them to commute, the message they carry will definitely be recognized when they are stuck in traffic or on major highways. But the wrapping design has to be done by an experienced Houston area Humble Sign Co due to the complexity of the graphics that are involved in the branding process.

3. Billboards

Billboards are irresistible. But they are not automatic like we are made to believe. You have to think outside the box to capture the attention of your potential audience. This is due to the fact that there are so many billboards on the roads. You have to pick a very strategic location to guarantee that you will get the traffic that you are looking for. And that’s not all. You have to bank on visibility of the billboard. Keep in mind that it will be seen by people as they move from one place to another. This means that no one will stop their car just to look at your advert. For best results, you should narrow down to bright colors and big fonts so that people can get your message in a single glance. In addition to that, you have to make sure that your billboard is not obstructed by trees and other boards. Moreover, you have to use images that compel people to look at the board every time they pass by.

4. Buildings

Buildings offer a perfect outdoor marketing idea. This is because they are landmarks, meaning they are known in all quarters. Some are even considered as tourist attraction sites. You can’t therefore use a building that’s hardly noticed. In fact, a building that’s a long a major road is the most ideal. Once you have identified a building, you have two options; paint it with your logo or mount banners on its walls. This will help in bringing your brand closer to the people that need your services or products.