Gear-up Your Telehealth Apps with Automated Testing

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Author: Hiba

As healthcare businesses move to use digital platforms to provide healthcare services to patients, their IT departments need to ensure delivering quality software solutions in a timely manner. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, the global telehealth market is growing enormously. Telehealth allows doctors and medical practitioners to provide healthcare facilities to patients through software applications. In the current situation, these healthcare apps enable patients to benefit from these services providing fast, and efficient services, ensuring safety for everyone. Thus, it becomes important for a healthcare company to invest in the right software testing services company.

Why is Software Testing required?

It is not possible to provide patient care without having healthcare apps tested regularly. Due to the sensitivity of patient data, and care, it is important to perform regular software testing that ensures telehealth products and services are available at hand. So for quality assurance purposes, software testing companies utilize automated testing solutions that save both time and cost.

According to recent researches, businesses have faced huge losses due to software breaches and bugs. And businesses have also claimed that these cost burdens could be avoided if automated software testing was implemented. With automated tests, these organizations could ensure faster testing cycles, increase their ability to detect software bugs earlier, and improve test coverage. Automated software testing solutions are extremely important to ensure that telehealth services are free from errors, and secure the critical patient data. It also allows healthcare businesses to deliver these digital products into the hospitals, clinics, and care centers as quickly as possible. Companies engaged in telehealth services can benefit from automated testing and ensure that they can achieve the following:

High-volume Software Testing Requirements:

With automated testing, QA managers ensure that health care experts can streamline their own patient testing rollouts with accurate results. AI-based solutions can also reduce the patients’ waiting time in most of the cases. With the spread of the pandemic virus, speed is of the essence and makes it important for telehealth providers to invest more in testing, ensuring their testing is accurate and that they can extract the right data required when dealing with their patients.

Streamlining their Documentation and Paperwork:

Typically, when health care practitioners take days to gather data related to their patients manually. But with the right software application, they can ensure that they can easily gather, review, and share patient data with the patients efficiently. With the help of quality automated software testing services, telehealth providers can run their apps faster. It helps them in delivering telehealth services in a much more cost-effective manner.

Data for Healthcare Providers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the rise of COVID-19 cases amongst patients globally, it is extremely crucial for healthcare providers to improve their daily interactions with patients, which is only possible when they place automated testing in place. These testing processes allow doctors, medical officers, and nurses to make better healthcare decisions when they communicate with their patients remotely.

When a healthcare company hires a software testing services company, it ensures that the doctors are getting a robust and up-to-date software application that allows them to communicate with their patients easily. It allows makes it easier for the medical staff to attend their patients remotely. With more quality digital products, these companies can do their best efforts to sort out the number of patients affected by COVID-19 and allow them to guide their patients in a more effective manner, by remaining self-isolated. That also provides a comfortable and safe environment for medical staff to practice social distancing while performing their jobs conveniently.

Automated Software Testing: A Blessing for Telehealth Apps

In these uncertain times, we can see people are in a panic as there is no vaccine and proper treatment for COVID-19. However, with the right guidelines, patients can still recover and keep others around them safe from this virus. Thus, it is crucial for healthcare companies to adopt automated software testing practices that allow patients to communicate with their doctors remotely. 

The main focus here should be implementing testing solutions that work best in combination with both manual and automated testing in place. Automated testing allows QA teams to focus on the more crucial aspects of testing, which is necessary for quality assurance. Medical science does not have permanent treatment for the novel coronavirus yet, but with telehealth services, doctors can ensure that they guide their patients with the best solutions if they have been infected and improve their health conditions by self-isolating themselves. So we expect software testing companies to come up with more effective and efficient healthcare apps that can support in these unfortunate times where half of the world is experiencing a lock-down globally.