What’s Next after Gaining CompTIA Network+ Certification? Read This Post and Learn More


After passing a professional test, do you just relax and imagine that you have finally reached your goal? Or would it act as the opportune time for you to now consider the next steps? Wherever you are, 220-1001 ExamCollection congratulates you on passing your exam! At least you’ve accomplished the most challenging bit of your professional journey. In this post, we cover the next steps that you need to take after gaining your CompTIA Network+ certification. Read them and understand so that you know what to do next.

What to Do after Gaining Network+ Credential?

Earning the Network+ badge takes a lot of trouble. In short, it isn’t an easy thing to do. And if you think about the effort needed in preparing, Read >> – its related to the N10-007 test so you’ll agree with this. So, what should you do once you have this credential in your hand? 

  • Find out if you can get a pay rise

If you were a working specialist, you must have discussed your intention to develop your career with your employer. However, if you did not, you should now be looking at the possibility of getting a pay rise. Author: Marrie S – Present your latest achievements to your employer and inquire if s/he can increase your pay or add you a bonus. This is a great way to show your seriousness in your career, and this can earn you a salary hike and better options in your role.

  • Add your Network+ badge to your resume

Once you gain the CompTIA Network+ certification, you should improve your resume right away! Add the new qualifications and the evidence to the list of items appearing in your resume. And ensure that you do this immediately after you have received your Network+ certification. Author: Kout M – You know it’s possible to send your resume to a potential employer without the additional information if you linger for a few more days. The more you delay, the more you forget about it. So, add this badge to your CV list immediately so that when you make your next job application, the certification will be sitting right there in its place!

  • Include it in your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn provides specialists with the option of enhancing their professional outlook by adding their badges to their profiles. Numerous organizations all over the world are scouring through LinkedIn each day looking for specialists who will fit the vacant positions they have in their companies. Certkillers – You need to update your profile and notify your connections about the new addition to your resume. And with the numerous networks on LinkedIn, you won’t miss out on the relevant opportunities.

  • Pursue soft skills to improve your outlook

As much as technical skills are critical in the field of networking, adding soft skills to them will ensure that you succeed in your position. This is because apart from delivering results in your technical tasks, you need to constantly be in communication with your employer, supervisor, and other employees that you’re charged with. But if you are unaware of what soft skills are, they’re mostly interpersonal skills like leadership, communication, and team-work ones. Just like your Network+ certification, they’re all necessary for ensuring your career is a success!

Conclusion: It’s true that studies can consume a lot of energy and time which you could have used in your other important tasks. But once you achieve the goal of your pursuit, you’re going to feel satisfied. Author: Vin L – Getting the CompTIA Network+ certification is an amazing achievement. What you can do now is to find ways to utilize it and recoup everything you invested in it.

Consider the steps we’ve covered, move, and achieve even more in your IT career!