Submit a Guest Post: Get Results with Posts on Other Blogs

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The Guest Post is a fairly efficient resource in a content strategy. It increases the authority of a domain and reaches new audiences. Of the services offered by digital agencies, content marketing is one of the strategies adopted internally with the highest investment rates.

This is perceived when we evaluate both those known as traditional agencies (63%) and digital agencies (75%), according to the Research Panorama of digital agencies. However, if your agency does not have that differential, this is the time to review your strategy.

In addition, we learn that content is a great attraction and it does not make sense to offer it to your clients and not apply it in your own business. You need to understand what you offer and make it your main incentive, or better yet, an example of success so that there are no doubts at the time of being hired.

With this in place, your agency will gain greater visibility in the market, increasing your chances of winning new clients and expanding your income. In this article, we will show you what they are, their importance, and how to include them in your strategy.

What is the Guest Post?

Have you ever noticed, when you are reading content on a blog, for example, it shows that it was written by a different author from the writing generally on that site? Possibly, this is a Guest Post! Guest Posts are essentially content that is published on a domain other than that of the author who wrote it. Its main objective is the transmission of external links from one domain to another, leading the reader to visit the website or blog of the person who wrote them and generate authority on the indicated page.

A More Concrete Example of a Guest Post:

Imagine if someone from within your agency wanted to submit a guest post or writes some text about managing social networks, bearing in mind that this is one of the services offered by you. Instead of publishing it on your site, that post will be published on the blog of a client or partner who is active in a related area.

Improve the Positioning of your Page

The external links that you include in your article are extremely important for SEO. These links are one of the most important factors in the positioning of pages in the Google search engine results pages, and that means that they will directly influence your site’s ranking. That is, people will be able to “find” you more easily in their online searches.

To understand a little more about the relevance of the guest post strategy, you can read this article on our recently published blog to submit guest posts.

Reach a New Audience

When your content is revealed only on your domain, it becomes somewhat restricted to a specific audience; that is, the profile of visitors that your website or blog usually attracts. In other words, it is important that you have your fixed audience that consumes your content effectively, but it is also important for the success of your agency that your content always reaches “new” audiences.

Have you Ever Imagined Being Able to Attract and Conquer a New Audience?

With the Guest Post that is Possible

In the example of related social media management, the content could reach a different audience than it would normally reach if it stayed only on your agency’s blog. If you want to produce Guest Posts for your blog with 100% accuracy, you cannot miss the complete guide to the topic we produced.

Gain more Authority

In addition to attracting more visibility for your business, the Guest Post helps you strengthen your authority on a certain topic. After all, if you are known by another audience, you will gain credibility and, thus, you will position yourself better in the market on the topic that you address in your content.

For that to happen, if we follow the example of social media, you need to show what your agency understands on the subject. This means that you must have content on this topic and that you need to convey confidence to those who are reading.

How to Choose a Partner for Guest Posts?

The first step to take is to analyze what are the knowledge gaps and challenges of your agency. From there, you can decide who to invite for the posts. And, in this case, you already have good options both among your own clients and with your agency’s peer blogs.

Know the Website or Blog Traffic

Checking if the domain that you will publish has a large and engaged audience is one of the most important factors because, as we have already discussed here, we want to reach a new audience with the Guest Post.

Is there an Exact Time to Propose a Guest Post?

There is no magic formula to determine this. However, there are some signs that warn of good opportunities. So, be alert for these signs:

  • If the page of a company mentions your agency on social networks;
  • If a blog indicates your product, service, or name in a post;
  • Also, if a blog links you from its domain in a post;
  • If a blog publishes other Guest Posts.

Perhaps one of these instances is the best signal to send your proposal. Take advantage of your agency’s expertise to produce content and send your client a letter to propose Guest Posts.

How to Produce a Guest Post?

With the topic and partner defined, it’s time to put the strategy into practice and start writing. Remember that you want to conquer this new reader, therefore, your text must have quality and, again, transmit value to those who are reading it.

Content Planning

Even after analysis of the agency and with the chosen topic, it is important to keep in mind that, like any content marketing strategy, the Guest Post also needs a well-defined goal before being produced.

As you have seen, associations can be created through Guest Posts and new visitors can be conquered, in addition to improving the positioning of your page in Google search. Would you like to know more about Guest Posts? Then check out our Marketing Calendar Kit so you can plan your actions with guest blogging!