Secret Netflix Codes To Escape the Never-Ending Scroll of Recommended Films

You can enjoy movies, documentaries, and exciting original web series on Netflix like Bridgeton, Stranger Things, The Crown, Shadow, Mindhunter, and more. But with all the content to choose from, it’s easy to get caught up in the endless recommendations scroll. The Netflix interface uses streaming service algorithms that allow users to filter through their choices by highlighting TV shows and movies based on what they have already seen in their profiles. Your preferences may be a little more specific than the popular title, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or award winners. Depending on what you see, the Netflix recommendation algorithm may bury your preferred choice of movies or shows. On the other hand, Netflix codes can save your day by helping you filter through these automatic recommendations to find movies and web series of your choice.

What You Need To Know About Netflix Codes

Netflix codes are based on the numbering system used by the service to classify movies and shows by genre and sub-genre. Note that the codes can only be used on the Netflix website, not in its app.

Where To Find Netflix Codes

See for a full list. There are about 20 different categories such as anime, foreign movies, and classic movies. These categories are further divided into sub-categories. For instance, the horror movie-coded 8711-deep sea contains 12 sub-codes, such as horror movies, zombie horror movies, teen chatter, and more.

How To Use Netflix Codes

On your device, install the Google Chrome browser and follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “Browse the best for Netflix”.

2. Click Add to Chrome.

3. Click Add Extension.

4. Log in to your Netflix account in a new tab.

At the top of the Netflix home screen, you should see a new option next to My List – Browse All. Click on it to search manually or scroll through the available sub-categories.

The second way is through the Netflix code website.

1. Go to on your PC or mobile browser.

2. Find the genre or sub-genre you want to explore.

3. Tap on the code next to the genre or sub-genre of your choice.

4. If you are on a device that has the Netflix app installed, you need to open the app and take it directly to the genre or sub-genre of your choice. If you do not have the app installed, it will open Netflix through the browser.

5. Tap the title you want to view.

You can manually access Netflix Codes in your browser.

1. Go to on your PC or mobile browser.

2. Find the genre or sub-genre you want to explore.

3. In the second tab, type <>, but replace INSERTNUMBER with a specific genre or sub-genre code.

4. You will be taken to Netflix to see the titles available in that section.

Now you can make a note about the movie you want to watch and go back to the app on the device of your choice or log in to your browser to watch your chosen film.