Salesforce Marketing Cloud: The Best Tool for Marketing Automation

salesforce marketing cloud for marketing automation

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a number one platform that promises to level up your customer satisfaction, customer engagement, generate leads, and even help make your digital transformation seamless. That is why everyone turns to this system to reach their business goals faster and with more efficiency. 

Suppose you are also looking to integrate the functions of Salesforce Marketing Cloud into your daily business. In that case, you cannot fathom the number of benefits it can bring to your business. So, let us learn about the best tools for marketing automation regarding the same that will help you change the game right away. Let us look into it now. 

  1. Marketo 

The platform was introduced to the market in 2007. Since then, it has been high-performing, providing a versatile range of benefits as a top marketing tool. If you want to launch well-targeted campaigns in a very short span of time, we will advise you to turn to Marketo for the same. It also features other potential benefits like optimizing ROI, helping generate potential leads, and delivering exceptional email marketing. Apart from that, Marketo can also help with excellent campaign management and mobile customization for a secure experience. So, all under one roof, really. 

  1. HubSpot

We have all heard of the famous marketing tool, HubSpot. This comprehensive marketing platform is one that can help accelerate your marketing effectiveness by a considerable percentage. What is more is that HubSpot can help with the convenient management of landing pages, performances, and leads. Apart from this, it can help you to work on your content management system and level up your website potential. You can also choose to streamline your content creation successfully. But that is not all. With HubSpot, you can also expect to record each sales interaction you make to create a consistent record and use it for later. 

  1. SalesGenius

If you are looking for the best email marketing services along with hands-down marketing automation, SalesGenius is all you need. The platform can cater to all your needs with a promising marketing style and sales strategies. Whether you wish to automate your lead nurturing or simply create multi-step drip campaigns, it can do it all for you. So, if you want to improve your sales and marketing strategies right away, we will recommend you to make the most of SalesGenius from here on. There will hardly be any room for disappointment. 

  1. ExactTarget

Targetting communication across a multitude of mediums is not a cakewalk. With ExactTarget, you can make this come true in no time. You can also make the most of their all-inclusive email, software, and social media marketing services. If you are passionate about improvising your marketing automation strategies, ExactTarget can be a great match for your business. Start making the most of it now if the requirements match. 

The Bottom Line

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has come a long way with some of the most exquisite marketing automation tools to help your business grow. If you wish to stand ahead of your competitors at the earliest, grab them right away to see how they can do the magic for your brand.