4K Netflix Now on Windows 10, but Only Runs with the Intel Kaby Lake Chip

4K Netflix streaming now on Windows 10 PC with Intel Kaby Lake 7th generation processors

This week, we’re finally getting 4K Netflix on Windows 10 PCs, but there’s a catch. Though Microsoft is pushing this as a benefit of their Edge browser, which will stream the content, we’ve learned that earlier versions of Intel’s processors just don’t make the cut.

Essentially, the processor needs to be able to decrypt the the codec for 4K content, and only Kaby Lake comes with that capability. Fortunately, new PCs purchased towards the end of the year should have this processor. We know that Intel started shipping them to OEMs this month, but you’ll have to check the specs to make sure the PC has Kaby Lake.

Another bit of good news is that Black Friday is just a few days away. There are already several deals on desktop PCs on Amazon.com. And if you’re a Prime member, you’ve already been getting some great deals with voice shopping on the Amazon Echo with Alexa, the virtual assistant who can now place and process orders for you on Amazon. The main deal days for voice shopping between November 18 and 21 might be over, but Amazon will continue to roll out deal after deal for its Prime members during the holiday season.

But if you can’t be bothered to wait for the 4K Netflix experience, there are any number of streaming devices that currently support 4K Netflix streaming, such as the Xbox One S, Roku 4, TiVo Bolt, Chromecast Ultra, the new Amazon Fire TV stick and so on.

But here are some awesome deals from Microsoft – simply because they have a vested interest in promoting these desktop PCs. Microsoft has already got several of them listed on Microsoft Store, so you can pick one up from there and know that they have 4K support.

The issue of 4K on PCs is a touchy one for content creators because they give rise to piracy concerns. Content can be ripped on a PC much easier than on a streaming device, so content producers are doing everything they can to lock down the 4K ecosystem.

As you can see, PCs aren’t 4K-friendly simply because of Digital Rights Management (DRM) challenges, not because they don’t have the capability. But with the Windows 10 PCs that do support 4K Netflix, Hollywood may be fighting a losing battle against potential copyright violations.

As such, we recommend that you respect the copyright of content creators are not make copies of the content that you get via Netflix, Amazon and other VOD (video-on-demand) services. These companies spend billions on producing original content, and millions on licensing deals for third-party content just to provide you with the best entertainment available.

So be fair, and don’t rip them off. You’ll only be hurting yourself in the process because if they lose huge amounts of money through copyright infringements, they won’t be able to push more content for you over time.

Of course, those are the the moral and practical sides to it. The real reason you shouldn’t be doing it is because it’s illegal.

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