Google Chrome Now Defaulting to HTML5, Chrome 55 Rolling Out to Desktops

Google Chrome defaulting to HTML5, Chrome OS 55 rolling out

As part of a larger ongoing effort to eliminate plugin-based content from Google Chrome, the browser is now defaulting to HTML5 for most websites. The death bell has been rung for Flash content and other types of plugin-based web content, and HTML5 is gradually taking over.

In May this year Google announced its intent to phase out support for Flash websites but for a few exceptions. These exceptions are for Flash-only websites and Top 10 websites. For all other websites, Chrome will ask that you enable Flash before proceeding.

The decision to switch to HTML5 over Flash was to “make browsing with Chrome safer, faster, and more stable”, and what we’re seeing now is the result of that decision. It’s been a long time coming now, and with Chrome 53 Google started blocking Flash that ran behind the scenes.

Presumably, with the Chrome 55 now rolling out to Mac, Linux and Windows for desktop users on the stable channel, Google likely wants to ramp up its efforts towards making HTML5 the true default for Chrome. Reducing Flash content will make Chrome perform better, be safer for the user and enhance the overall experience.

Chrome 55.0.2883.75 for desktops brings 36 security fixes and several improvements. Chrome 55 for mobile should also be coming out very soon.

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