iPhone 6s Plus 64GB at $589, iPhone 6s 16GB at $449, Apple Certified Refurbished Phones

online deals refurbished iPhone 6s Plus 64GB

Apple is quietly moving quite a bit of refurbished, Apple Certified merchandize through its website over the last couple of months. Since they brought refurbished iPhones to their site, their collection of refurbished devices has grown considerably to cover iMacs, iPads, iPod

Right now, you can get an iPhone 6s Plus 64GB smartphone at a discounted price of $589 on Apple’s website. The smaller iPhone 6s 16GB variant is currently selling for $449.

All refurbished iPhones from Apple come unlocked and SIM-free. They also have brand new batteries and outer shells, so they look and perform as good as new. They’re also fully tested and certified by Apple and come with a 1-year warranty. The iPhones are also eligible for returns per the 14-day returns policy. Additionally, you can opt for an AppleCare+ plan for extended coverage.

Target Selling Similar Refurbished iPhones for up to $150 More!

I had a look at some of the other online offers, and I was shocked to see that retailers like Target were selling similar refurbished iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models at much higher prices.

Target has a similar deal on refurbished 16GB iPhone 6s, but for a much higher $599.99 than the $449 offer from Apple. And an unlocked 64GB iPhone 6s Plus (refurbished) is selling for $699.99 against Apple’s price of $589. What’s even crazier is that the 16GB variant of the iPhone 6s Plus also retails on Target for the same price of $699.99. Why would a customer not prefer a 64GB option versus a 16GB option at the exact same price?

Do Target’s online customers know that the very same phones are selling for $110 to $150 less on Apple.com? I doubt that very much.

Prices at Walmart’s online portal are comparable with Apple’s prices, with possibly a $10 difference or so, unlike the huge price difference between Apple’s and Target’s refurbished iPhones.

As such, we cannot recommend that you buy your refurbished phones anywhere else but on Apple’s website. Being the seller as well as the manufacturer, there are several advantages, such as returns, warranty, extended coverage, direct manufacturer support and so on.

In case you know someone who plans to buy a refurbished iPhone in the near future, please share this article with them so they don’t get ripped off online for a much higher price than they should be paying.

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