SYLVANIA – The Bluetooth Smart Light Bulb that Talks to Siri Without a Hub

iOS 10 homekit-enabled bluetooth smart light bulb - sylvania

If you’re the tech-savvy type with a lot of connected devices and appliances around your home, you’ll know that this set-up typically requires a hub that acts as a communications center. If not, you can still get away with having basic control, but won’t be able to leverage their full capabilities.

SYLVANIA is now introducing a smart light bulb that doesn’t need a hub for Siri to communicate with. The Bluetooth-enabled Smart Multicolor A19 bulb can be controlled by Apple’s HomeKit without a hub. Simply sync the bulb via Bluetooth with the Home app on iOS devices, and you’re good to go.

Of course, Bluetooth does mean limited range and interrupted connections, since this product doesn’t support Bluetooth 5, the longer-range standard expected to be in vogue next year. For now, you’ll need your iPad or Apple TV unit to act as a hub if you want longer range, but it works just fine at close quarters.

Made by LEDVANCE, a fully-owned subsidiary of OSRAM, one of the market leaders in commercial and consumer lighting solutions, SYLVANIA will allow you to set lighting scenes, time your lights-on-lights-off schedule and interact with other HomeKit-enabled devices. As an example, you could set it up so you just say “Siri, I’m home”, and it will unlock the front door, turn on the heating and turn on the lights in specific rooms.

The product is not yet available for retail, but should make its way into’s selection by early 2017. SYLVANIA also offers a wide range of smart home kitchen, living room, home office and outdoor lighting solutions.

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