Windows 10 (14997) Getting New Game Mode for Efficient PC Gaming Using Xbox One Tricks

Windows 10 build 14997 brings Xbox One functionality to Game Mode on Windows 10

Windows 10 updates are possibly the most followed topic for Microsoft fans, and now there’s something new for the PC gaming community as well. We’ve just heard that a Windows 10 update may be coming that uses some elements from the way Xbox One runs its games.

Essentially, a new .dll has been found by dataminers that shows a new Game Mode in build 14997 of Windows 10. There is also speculation that “Windows will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/Gfx etc.) to prioritize the “Game” when running in “Game Mode.”

Other than DirectX 12, Windows 10 doesn’t currently have any built-in features for game optimization. Obviously, gamers expect much better performance metrics that most PC users, specifically on the framerate front. Multicore processing brought in the possibility of DRX 12 allowing games to communicating simultaneously with several cores, making the process more power-efficient, among other things.

This new update could signal Microsoft bringing in an alternative to this where the optimization happens natively on Windows 10. However, the company hasn’t made any official statement about Game Mode, but we expect that they’ll preview-test the functionality ahead of the Windows 10 Creators Update that’s coming out early this year.

We also know that Microsoft has brought in a tweak on Windows 10 build 14997 that will allow updates to be delayed by up to 35 days. Dubbed Pause Updates, the feature should help alleviate the frayed nerves that forced updates often cause users. In addition, Windows 10 Creators Update will bring in several capabilities in 3D and holographic technology, which will help Microsoft push its mixed reality agenda in a significant way.

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